I’m a mum & found a song scientifically proven to put screaming babies to sleep – it always calms mine down

EVERY PARENT knows how difficult it can be to calm an overtired baby who won't stop screaming.

If you feel like you've tried everything to help your little one from cuddles, to feeding or white noise sounds, there's one more trick you can pull from up your sleeve.

Melissa, a labour doula and mum shared one song that was literally made to help calm babies and make them happier, providing the perfect mood for them to drift off.

She shared the song to her TikTok account, so other parents could use it to help calm their kids.

She said: "This song is scientifically curated to make babies happy.

"The Happy Song by Imogen Heap combines psychologically tested leaps that when a baby listens to, or when you listen to it can boost your mood.


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"Or release chemicals that make you happier."

Imogen Heap was commissioned by Cow and Gate to create a song that would make babies happier.

The musician went to work and with the help of her two-year-old daughter at the time, and she created the first edition of The Happy Song.

Working with Goldsmith University, the song was then tested with a group of 26 babies in order to find the right tempo and melody to make them happier.

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It's the first song of it's kind to be proven to make babies happier.

Melissa added: "I thought it was crazy, my baby was screaming, I played this and now it's his favourite song, and the only thing that will calm him down if he's hysterical."

The video was a hit and received viewed over 70k 'likes', many parents agreed that the song worked wonders for putting their kids to sleep.

One mum wrote: "This song SAVED my life when my daughter was under one. For us it reaaaaally worked."

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"I used to use this song SOOOOOOO MUCH when my twins were younger! I’ll have to try it again to see if they still love it." Another mum added.

A third person said: "This song helped my son so much when he was a baby. He would instantly stop crying!"

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