I'm a gardening expert – my 3 tips will make your garden look way bigger… and they won't break the bank | The Sun

AS much as we love spending time in the garden in the warmer summer months, we're the first to admit that we massively neglect it at all other times of the year.

So when the sun does finally come out, our little patch of grass is always looking a little sad.

Luckily for us, gardening expert Sara Thompson has revealed her three easy ways to sprucing up your outdoor space – and they'll even make it look bigger too.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, the pro urged people to give paint their fences in a lighter colour.

She explained: "Small outdoor spaces can look a lot bigger by making use of the right colour scheme.

"To make a small garden look bigger, you want to avoid using dark colours on your fences as these will suck up any natural light and give the appearance of less space."

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According to the gardening guru, you can't go wrong with light greys, creams, blues or pink.

What's more, these cool colours will help your flowers to really stand out.

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And while it might sound obvious, the next thing you need to do is have a proper garden declutter.

She continued: "When you have a small space, you'll want to use garden storage and other space-saving products to make it feel bigger. Small plant containers might also help you save space."

What's more, Sara also recommended tall and slender plants around the sides of your garden as it'll make your space feel bigger too.

The expert added: "Garden mirrors are an excellent method to bounce light about, create the illusion of more space, and extend portions of a small garden.

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"Sometimes, you might have all the right pieces but the layout could be better. Play around with different layouts until you find one that seems right.

"A simple arrangement can make a tiny garden appear larger, with limited space you have to be smart."

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