Billie Faiers is pregnant

Billie Faiers is pregnant! TOWIE star confirms she and Greg Shepherd are expecting baby number three with sweet family post

Billie Faiers is pregnant with her third child.

The former TOWIE star, 32, took to Instagram to announce the happy news on Wednesday morning from Abu Dhabi and wrote: ‘Baby number 3 we can’t wait to meet you. We are so happy and excited.’

The TV personality showed off her baby bump while posing in the sea with husband Greg Shepherd, 37, while wearing a white bikini and a sun hat. 

Billie Faiers is pregnant! TOWIE star has confirmed she and Greg Shepherd are expecting baby number three with sweet Instagram post taken in Abu Dhabi and shared on Wednesday

Her daughter Nelly, seven, kissed her tummy and son Arthur, five, stood beside them. 

Billie’s sister Sam, 31, who has just welcomed her own third child, commented on the happy news in the comments section. 

She wrote: ‘Welcome to the 5 club sis. I’m so so happy for you all. Another beautiful baby to join our family. 

Happy families: Billie’s sister Sam had some lovely words to say in the comments section of the post 

‘The babies are going to be so close in age. So many memories to make. My prediction is a baby girl? then we have one of each.

‘Love you with all my heart xxx ps what I’d give for sand between my toes right now haha, enjoy your holiday with your family a tiny baby bump. Miss u all x.’

Billie and Greg have been working on their new mansion for over a year and no doubt they are going to need the extra space.

They are going to need the space: The family have been waiting to move into their dream home, which they have been renovating for over a year now (left, in rundown condition) 

The pair said back in March: ‘It’s stressful because we’re juggling, like time is not on our side at the moment. We we’re working all the time, we’ve got two young children’. 

‘With filming and obviously renovating a house, It’s like a it’s a lot and sometimes does feel like there’s not enough hours in the day’. 

Still, it’s reported that the family are not far off moving into their dream home now which has been inspired by the Kardashians’ property portfolio.  

The baby news comes a day after Greg waded into a row over taking children on holiday in term time, liking a comment defending the practice. 

The TV personality and wife Billie Faiers took to Instagram on Monday to reveal they were jetting to Abu Dhabi with their children.  

Moniker: Sam has revealed that she and partner Paul have named their newborn son Edward Knightley after welcoming her third child

New addition: The former TOWIE star, 31, took to Instagram on Friday to share the news and reveal a new snap of her boy as she marked one month since giving birth 

A fierce debate then ensued in the comment section, with followers questioning if it was appropriate to take the children out of school to go on holiday. 

Shocked fans penned: ‘Do you just pay the school fine for taking kids out in term time?’; ‘How many holidays do your kids have must miss so much important school learning?! what a life!’;’ Have the kids got half term?’.

‘Most people have 1 holiday possibly 2 and struggle to arrange time off for kids…its also important they do at least a full term of learning at school now.and again!!’

Yet other followers were in support of the term time trip, writing: ‘Family time is so much more valuable enjoy making memories and do some school work away they are both in primary school not like it’s high school where exams are done’; 

Controversial: Greg has waded into a row over taking his children Nelly, seven, and Arthur, five, on holiday in term time with wife Billie Faiers 

‘@lauradob1 there’s so many lessons to learn in life not all can be taught in a classroom… To me Family time, family memories and being present with those you love, comes above all else.’ 

Greg did not comment on the matter but liked a comment that read: ‘Just got back from 2 weeks way with my son. Took him out of school. School won’t fine us because it was pre booked before covid and I gave them enough notice. 

‘Not all schools fine. Plus the fine is lot less than the cost of taking kids in school holidays. I will continue to do it myself! With the fact he’s tagging etihad into it it’s probably gifted in some way so I wouldn’t say no either!’ 

MailOnline has contacted Billie and Greg’s representatives for comment. 

The legalities of when a child must attend school and the enforcement of the law in depends on the Local Education Authority (LEA) and the country you live in. 

Family fun: The TV personality and wife Billie took to Instagram on Monday to reveal they were jetting to Abu Dhabi with their two children 

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