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WHEN you reach a certain age, it can feel difficult to keep up with or even get ahead of fashion trends.

A fashion expert has shared some timeless tips that will keep you looking young and trendy with minimal effort.

Celebrity stylist Kemal Harris spoke to Redbookabout some of the most common fashion mistakes making people look older.

"I like to think of [fashion] more in terms of being modern or current," Harris told the publication.

She explained: "If you're wearing a silhouette like bootcut jeans that have a dated look, you won't appear as modern."

Harris also advised avoiding ill-fitting or frumpy clothes, unless you are intentionally going for an oversized look.

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"Getting your staple pieces — a classic jacket or a favorite black dress — tailored slightly to fit better makes you feel younger and look slimmer," she said.

That's probably why you'll never see Harris' client Robin Wright, aka House of Cards' Claire Underwood, looking anything less than chic.

Harris also emphasized the importance of balancing your silhouette when it comes to choosing your outfits.

"Make sure you balance your proportions," she advised readers, giving the example of high-waisted bottoms.

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When sporting full pants or a longer skirt, the stylist recommends wearing a fitted top.

And if you're modeling a puffier shirt with Edwardian sleeves, then opt for a cigarette pant or tailored short on the bottom.

The fashion expert also recommended sticking to age-appropriate clothes by finding fashion-forward solutions to current trends.

If you've found a sleeveless dress you love but want to hid your arms, Harris suggested: "layering a black, merino wool turtleneck underneath it is a fresh way to cover up."

She also said: "As we get older, we want a more comfortable shoe and other practical pieces."

However, she continued: "Once you've got your essentials tailored and fitting well, you can tap into the latest trends with a more fun handbag or shoe."

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