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A CLEANING pro says you’ll never have to buy another product again thanks to her simple tip – all you’ll need is a $5 cloth.

Jill, known as JillComesClean on Instagram, creates cleaning and organization videos for her over 337,000 followers.

In one of her videos, Jill shares her tips on how to clean your bedroom with just a microfiber cloth.

With these tips, Jill says you’ll be able to ditch products such as dusting spray since all you’ll need is the cloth.

“You can clean the majority of surfaces in your home with a damp microfiber,” she said, listing off some of the surfaces you can clean.

“Everything from furniture, decor, window sills, lampshades, upholstery headboards, electronics and more.”

Jill suggests using a damp cloth to clean your glass and mirrors followed by a dry, ultra-fine one to buff and shine.

You can attach the cloth to a broom to use as a baseboard cleaner for your walls and attach it to a Swiffer to dust hard floors.

This tip also works for baseboards too, said Jill.

She gives even more tips in the caption of the post, calling it a “versatile and a must among your cleaning products.”

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Jill says you must only wash your cloth with other microfibers “to avoid lint from other fabrics clogging the fibers.”

Also, make sure not to use fabric softener or dryer sheets as “they will coat the fibers and make them less absorbent or able to attract dust.”

Once you’re done cleaning the cloth, Jill says to air dry them or put them in a dryer on a low-heat setting.

“Thank you! Your tips are always so helpful,” wrote one commenter.

“Thank you, wish I’d known this years ago!!” wrote another.

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