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STATISTICS have suggested that a whopping 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, so there's a high chance that yours may not be suited to you either.

To combat this problem, a woman named Madison Alexandra shared how she always ensures that her bras are the perfect fit.

In a video shared with her 711.8k followers, Alexandra detailed how to try on bras step by step to ensure that they fit you properly.

Before trying on your bra, you should make sure the straps are in a neutral position.

This can be done by putting the strap settings four fingers above the bottom so it doesn't throw off the fit of the bra.

Next up, you're going to put on the band.

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"If you could put the band on the tightest hook automatically, [the bra] is too big," Alexandra said.

She explained that you should always try new bras on with the loosest hook.

Additionally, she stated that if you could pull your bra band really far from your body with ease, or if it curves up your back to any degree, it's too big.

For a correct fit, you should only be able to put two fingers between your skin and the band while it's on the loosest hook.

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Now that you know your band fits, shimmy into the cups and pull all of your breast tissue from the side forward.

If the wire of the bra is sitting on top of your breasts, or your breasts are bulging at the top, the cup is too small.

On the other hand, if you have gaping, whether it's at the top, bottom, or the back near the wire, the cup is too big.

"A cup that fits will encapsulate all your breast tissue and lay on your sternum," the expert explained.

She then reminded viewers that bras are all about proportions, so you have to get the band fit right first.

She said: "If the band is too big the whole bra is gonna feel too big for you, even if the cup volume is correct."

The final step in ensuring that your bra fits is to adjust the bra straps so you can only raise them about two finger widths from your shoulder. They shouldn't dig in, nor should they feel like they're about to fall off.

"In the end you should feel supported but never in pain," Alexandra concluded.

People in the woman's comments section were grateful for the tips, a couple sharing their own struggles with bra sizing.

"Thank you for this," one person wrote.

"I have the problem of the wires digging into my armpit while [I] simultaneously spill out the top," another shared.

"Saving this for when I go bra shopping next," a third viewer said.

"Thank you. Starting on the loosest setting first, this tip helps so much."

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"This is great."

"No cup or band fits. It’s always small band but right cup, or right band [and] too big [a] cup," a final person shared.

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