I was told to ‘put a shirt on or leave’ my gym – I joined a new place and now wear even less clothes with no complaints | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared how she was dress coded at her local gym and told to "put a shirt on or leave."

Since the encounter, she found a better gym where she feels more comfortable wearing fewer clothes and received zero complaints.

Wellness enthusiast Kirsten Victoria, known as @wellness_worker on TikTok, enjoys posting fitness-related content.

Ranging from workouts and athletic product reviews that show that living a healthy lifestyle is important to her.

In a TikTok video, the content creator explains her disappointment at being dress coded at her gym for a supposedly inappropriate outfit and told to "put a shirt on or leave" the establishment.

Thankfully, her woes didn't last long and the experience may have been a blessing in disguise.

The video begins with Victoria standing in front of her camera and she turns and poses.

Supported by the subtitle that reads: "What I was wearing to the gym when I was told to put a shirt on or leave," she shows off the black athletic crop top and black and gray leopard print patterned leggings she was dress coded in.

Victoria looks incredibly confident as she shows off her toned and muscular body shape.

Towards the end of the video, the visual changes to show her in a new outfit that is shorter and tighter.

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With a subtitle that reads: "What I wear to my new gym," she dons a white sports bra that comes just under her bust and fashionable lavender gym shorts.

It's apparent that she can express her style more and feels more comfortable in her new gym environment.

Many viewers took to the comments to share their viewpoints on the situation and offer support.

"Same!!! And guys are in cutoffs…I was not happy," one TikTok user wrote.

"Glad you found a new gym that is much better!" another commented.

"Yesssss!!! I was wearing a crop top with high-waisted pants and they said to leave. I never asked for a refund so fast in my life," another added.

"Wait.. isn't it common to wear that? They want u to wear baggy clothes or something," one user inquired.

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