I was dress coded by 'cold' staff at Edinburgh pub – they wouldn't let me in, it was humiliating | The Sun

A TOURIST claims he was left humiliated after being dress coded by "cold" staff at an Edinburgh bar.

The man said he was refused entry to Brewhemia in Edinburgh by "a bouncer because he was wearing jogging bottoms.

In a Google review, the Adidas-clad punter fumed that women were allowed in wearing "casual shorts" while he was forced to stand in the rain.

He's accused the bar of double standards after being told he would only be granted entry if he changed his clothing.

On his ordeal, he said: “I passed by the pub on a Friday night before heading to the train station, hoping that I could get something to eat before boarding the train.

"The pub looked nice at first, until their security guard stopped me at the door.

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“'Sir, you cannot go in', the security guard said coldly. I asked why, and he replied – 'we only allow people who wears jeans to come in' – and he looked down at my pants. I was wearing Adidas casual pants.

“While I stood awkwardly in the rain, a few women wearing casual shorts went in merrily.

"Many women who went in were apparently not wearing any jeans – but the male security guard was very nice to them.

“So I phoned the pub, and a waitress picked up. She transferred me to a manager, who told me 'you cannot get in anywhere tonight if you don't get your pants changed, you are more than welcome to make a complaint'.

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“He was, again, cold and his voice was filled with contempt – 'We did not allow anybody who doesn't wear jeans to come in since day one', he said.

"Yet again, a few women who were not wearing jeans but shorts and stockings went in.

“I asked the manager on the spot – "if I cut my pants short, can I go in?" The manager replied – "No". Firmly and coldly.”

“I have been living in the UK for five years and never once have I felt disrespected and embarrassed like this. The bar is exercising a double standard based on gender.”

But Brewhemia have hit back at the angry customer.

They stated that their dress code policy is well documented on their website and at the bar's entrance.

Responding to the review, a manager said: “Hi, as the staff said when you visited last night – we ask customers not to wear sports wear, (like the tracksuit you were wearing), when they visit to dine in the restaurant.

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“You are more than welcome to come along when dressed smart casually as all the other guests do.

"The dress code is displayed on the website, booking confirmation emails and also in the foyer.”

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