I popped to Asda for some food and ended up making £130 thanks to an end-of-aisle find – it's so easy & took minutes | The Sun

A MAN has revealed the easy way he made £130 in minutes by popping into his local Asda.

Ben took to his TikTok page to share a video explaining his clever side hustle, much to the delight of his followers.

"Today I went to Asda to do my shopping but I ended up making over £130 in profit," he began.

"The first thing I did was head to the clearance section and start scanning some products, I couldn’t find anything there.

"So I went over to the sale aisle and scanned a load of toys but they were no good.

"I tried some of these but they really didn’t make any money at all or didn’t sell on Amazon."

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Just as he was about to give up, Ben came across an end-of-the-aisle find – a whole load of Lego City grocery store sets, which had been reduced to £22.50.

"Then I came across this absolutely cracking deal," he said.

"£5.98 profit and as you can see here there are absolutely loads.

"I ended up with 22 – making over £130 in profit."

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"what app do you use to check the barcodes?" one person commented on the video.

To which Ben replied: "Used Amazon seller app for this! Other good ones are BuyBotPro and Profitl but they aren’t free!"

And while some people praised his savvy money-making move, others pointed out he was referring to "potential profit" as he hadn't sold the sets as yet.

"Yea profit only when you sell but everyone knows you can get them in asda at the cheaper price so you won't sell nothing," one argued.

"spend £500 to make £130, not including shipping to amazon, tax, your time, cost of funding- hardly worth the effort," another added.

"You haven’t made the profit if it hasn’t sold yet," a third commented.

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