I made a stack of pancakes in the air fryer – there’s no mess whatsoever, it’s perfect for Shrove Tuesday | The Sun

PANCAKE day is good fun – but it has its tendencies to put your cooking to the test. 

There are many elements that you need to get right when it comes to perfecting them.

These include how well you make the pancake batter, if you can manage to flip the pancake without it spilling everywhere or cook it  without burning the pancake or pan.

Luckily, electronics store Currys has come to the rescue.

They have revealed a quick and easy hack – which they claim will give you the perfect pancake each time.

But you’ll need an air fryer first.


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In a video they shared on TikTok, Currys show easy steps in a stage by stage process.

Firstly, start off by making your pancake batter. 

Then add a couple of sheets of baking paper to your air fryer, before pouring the first load of batter into it.

You need to make sure it is a tidy, round circle and the usual size of a pancake you wish for which doesn’t overfill the tray or spill down the sides of the baking paper.

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Then they had another sheet of baking paper on top of the first bits of batter just poured. 

They then repeat again, before adding it into the air fryer to be cooked. 

After the timer is up, they then take the pancakes out and they are ready to eat. 

The clip has since gone viral, with hundreds of people commenting on how shocked they were over the revelation.

One person asked: “Is there anything an air fryer can’t do?”

Whilst another added: “No way!” 

A third wrote: “Air fryer to buy on the list now.”

However, one person wasn’t surprised and wrote: “You can make Yorkshire puddings in the air fryer so don’t see why not.”

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