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WIPING the sweat from your face is the worst, but have you ever had to worry about drops dripping from under your boobs?

One woman is over her breast sweat, thanks to two must-have items.

TikTok beauty influencer Mari Aguirre posted a video sharing her secret about how she got rid of the sweat under her boobs.

"For anyone with large boobs, you need this in your life," she says.

For the unfortunate heat that comes with late spring and summer, she explains there's a $34 solution.

The items are from the company Megababe, a clean beauty brand.


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"This is the Megababe Dust Puff Body Powder Puff," she says as she reveals a close-up shot of the item.

The powder puff is used with Megababe's $16 Bust Dust Anti-Boob-Sweat Powder.

According to Megababe, this powder is a talc-free product that instantly stops your boobs from sweating and your bra from getting wet.

Mari's been using the product for months now and loves it.

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"But sometimes it's messy to apply, and I don't want to get it on my hands," she admits.

So instead of applying the powder this way, you use the powder puff.

The puff is sold separately at Target for $17.99.

"This thing is huge, and you just put a little bit of this onto your puff. You pump some out… And then you just dab it on," Mari explains.

Mari also suggests trying Megababe's $14 Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick for chaffing and their $16 Happy Pits Underarm Mask to get rid of your armpit smell.

Viewers understood the pain of dealing with constant sweat under their boobs in the midst of heat waves.

One woman wrote: "From someone who has to work outside in the summer, personally, thank you."

Another woman was familiar with the products and commented: "Thisss and the thigh rescue save me every spring/summer. I can’t recommend this enough!"

"I have never ran to Ulta faster," another woman said.

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