I had laser hair removal on my legs a year ago but got burnt so badly I have permanent scars – I still cry about it now | The Sun

IF you’re fed up with shaving or waxing your legs, you may have considered getting laser hair removal.

Many people have shared their great experiences with this procedure, showing off their smooth finish that can last for months, if not years.

But one woman has taken to TikTok to share her horror experience with laser hair removal, after she ended up with permanent scars all over her legs.

Beauty fan Carys Salisbury, who has amassed 12.1k followers and 1.8million likes on the video sharing platform, posted her laser hair removal experience to the social media app and said: “Still cry to this day”. 

She shared an image of her legs, covered in white marks, to which she said: “Why do your legs look like that?”.

Then Carys shared the answer, as she posted an image of a professional hair removal laser machine.

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Carys confirmed that she had gone to a salon to get the hair on her legs laser removed but was left in shock when she realised the machine was set too high, resulting in burns all over both of her legs.

In the clip that was posted just three days ago, social media users were left in shock and wanted to know more about what had happened to the young woman.

Carys explained that she got really unlucky and a year after the procedure, her legs are still covered in burn marks. 

As a result, she revealed that she thought the procedure was a total “waste of money” and has been “scarred for life”.

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Her clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up a whooping 849.5k views.

It has 17.8k likes, 236 comments and 511 shares.

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TikTok users felt sympathetic for Carys and many wanted to know more about her experience. 

One person said: “I’m a laser practitioner and this should never happen 🥺 I’m so sorry” to which Carys responded “I know I got very unlucky”. 

Another added: “Sameee girl do they go away? I have mine 6 months now” to which Carys replied “Mine haven’t gone away unfortunately I am going to look into a few places that could treat my marks”. 

A third commented: “Howwwww I’m baffled” to which Carys confirmed “Laser machine set to high so burnt my legs”. 

Meanwhile, someone else noted: “It's just cos she's got a tan. when the tan fades so will the marks from the IPL machine” to which Carys confirmed “It’s a year later now and I have burn marks, my legs haven’t faded in colour at all my marks just look like burns”. 

Another user posted: “Please tell me it can be healed and gone” to which Carys stated “Still scarred now this was this time last year”. 

Whilst one person questioned: “Like for foreva eva?” to which Carys said “Yeah I have been scarred for life”. 

Many wondered if Carys was now hairless as a result of the procedures.

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One user questioned: “Did this at least help with the hair not growing back?” to which Carys explained “Kind of it’s reduced a little bit”. 

She confirmed: “No, it was my 5th session, I needed 8. Waste of money”.

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