I got a botched brow lift in the back of a local gym – it was agonising, I got a black eye & wouldn’t stop bleeding | The Sun

A WOMAN has been left in tears after a botched beauty procedure allegedly left her with a “black eye”.

Zoe Grace Tong, who works as a nanny, had booked herself in for a so-called ‘Fox Eye’ thread lift, which is a non-surgical brow lift where threads are used to change the shape of the face.

However, just moments after arriving at the local salon, which she has chosen not to name, things started going wrong for the 24-year-old – who claims her face began to “swell” and she was “bleeding so much”.

Taking to TikTok, she has shared her painful experience, with the video racking up over 324,000 views.

"It was the most painful thing I had ever been through," Zoe told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

"They hadn't fully set up their shop yet so it was in a backroom at a fancy gym.

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"They got started by numbing me straight away.

“I can't remember how many injections but just [remember] how painful it was.

"The injection site was in my hairline, it felt like it was going right back into the back of my scalp.

"The left side was done and whilst doing the right side they hit something that caused me to bleed a lot and they had to ask the assistant nurse for assistance to hold tissue on my head.

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"The nurse said to me that because I'm bleeding so much they were unable to put the last two threads in to secure them in place.

"I was also very swollen.

“I told them I was frustrated as it was a Saturday and I would have to go out with uneven eyebrows."

With no choice but to leave the salon with an unfinished procedure, she headed straight home where she claims things only got worse.

Zoe, who is from West Auckland, New Zealand, says the procedure also left her with a “black eye” – with photos showing yellow bruising on the side of her face.

She said: "I left and was told to ice my face, I was also not booked in for any follow-up appointment.

"I woke up the next morning and looked at my camera in my phone and sent a Snapchat saying 'yay, the swelling went down', all whilst I was still forming a black eye on my right side.

"Shortly after I sneezed and the whole right side of PDO threads just dropped while my left side stayed completely how it was. [sic]

"I was devastated.

“I didn't even want to go downstairs let alone in public with a fully dysmorphic face."

Furious, Zoe rushed back to the salon.

She said: "I drove myself and wore sunglasses the whole time to disguise my tears and went to the gym receptionist crying.

"They said they weren't there or coming in today but I could go knock on the door anyway.

"I did and I waited outside the door while I proceeded to call again and again.

"I might have called them about 30 times before they picked up, I explained what happened and they told me they couldn't come in.

"However, after hearing I was upset I was, they decided to come in.

"After examining they said I looked absolutely fine and nobody would be able to tell the difference when you obviously absolutely could.

"Even the gym receptionist said 'Oh my gosh', I started bawling my eyes out and asked them to take the threads out.

"They said that there is no going back and you can't take them out so they ended up adding in the last PDF thread by themselves."

Heartbroken, Zoe claims it took “a couple of months” for her eyebrows to go “back to normal”.

She added: “It was a complete waste of money and a massive reality check that changing things that don't need to be changed isn't always worth it.

"I still regret going through that massively and it took over a week for the black eye to go away."

In a bid to warn others about the procedure, Zoe shared her experience on her TikTok, leaving viewers shocked.

Ela said: "Literally!!! Mine came undone as soon as she put them in. Awful experience! Awful pain. Save your money guys, it does not work." 

Someone else said: "I didn’t even sneeze and mine came undone. I did also have lower face threads which I was much happier with though."

Another person wrote: "It also happened to me. One sneeze and they were again how they were. no pain. Just wasted money". 

Tee Nina said: "How much was it? I know how you feel, I just got filler… made hardly any difference. Just wasted $650." 

Katie wrote: "GURL I wish I did my research."

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