I flew to another country for a first date but he ghosted me… then we ended up on the same flight home | The Sun

A WOMAN who flew to Bali for a first date was was mortified when she realised she'd been stood up.

Jess Austen, 29, from Australia, threw caution to the wind and jetted off to meet a man she'd been speaking to online.

Since they'd been chatting for a few months, Jess felt confident enough to hop on a plane to Indonesia to meet him after he invited her on his trip.

But the dating hopeful was shocked to find she'd been ghosted when she landed after travelling for six hours.

The pair had planned out the entire trip, including accommodation and going for drinks together.

But once she arrived her date said he was busy with a friend for the first two days.


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Then she didn't hear from him after that and decided to remove him as a follower on Instagram, only to find he'd already unfollowed her in a low blow.

But that's not even the most mortifying part – Jess then ended up on the same flight home as the bloke.

Not only that, but he was sat in front of her for the entire flight, making things even more awkward.

Despite Jess seeing him, he made no eye contact with her, but she was still convinced he saw her.

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She said: "If I had the lady balls in that moment I would've bent down and been like 'this is really embarrassing for you', but I didn't so I will live with that regret."

She continued: "He got off the plane real quick, didn't look around, he was like no one existed."

Once she returned home Jess explained what happened on TikTok and loads of other women shared her fury with the man.

"I would have poured a drink on him as soon as the plan took off so he had to sit in it for a few hours," one joked.

A second wrote: "You're such a vibe and he didn't deserve you!

"I agree, we're embarrassed for him, his loss."

Eventually, the man did contact Jess and apologise for ghosting her, but only after she raged about it in a clip that was viewed thousands of times.

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