Genius mum uses a £2 pet bed to help her toddler daughter sleep on a long haul flight – The Sun

A MUM has come up with a genius way to ensure her toddler gets to sleep on a long haul flight.

Jaimie Anastas placed young daughter Mila in a makeshift set-up in economy to help her nod off – comprising of a £2 pet bed and a special inflatable cushion.

In a post on Facebook, the Australian woman shared a picture of her little girl getting comfortable on a trip from Sydney to Doha.

She had placed the pet bed on the seat and ensured Mila could stretch her legs out thanks to an inflatable pillow, called a Plane Pal, that's designed to inflate up in the foot-well to the height of the seat.

"What do you get when you add Plane Pal (Hiding under the pillow) and a $5 Kmart pets bed to you carry on?" she wrote.

"You get a very happy baby! Total parent win!"

  • Plane Pal, £61.99, Keep Em Quiet – buy here

The Plane Pal, which costs £61.99, is designed to allow kids to put their feet up on not just flights, but buses, trains and cars.

It can be folded up into a carry bag for easy transportation, and features a hand-held pump for quick assembly.

The brilliant device works by unrolling the pillow, pumping it up, and attaching it to the seat.

It was created by Sam Cardone, a mum from Australia, in order to help her own children get some shut-eye while travelling.

"As a mother of three who loves travel, I wanted to create a product that would help families reduce the stress associated with travel," she wrote on the brand's website.

"Technology has given us so many more ways to entertain our children while in transit, but little has been done to improve the comfort of families travelling with children.

"Travel with kids can be very stressful! I have been that mother desperately rocking a screaming child whilst pacing the aisle.

"I have also been the mother pinned under twin sleeping toddlers for 6 hours straight, with dead legs and a desperate need to visit the bathroom. I am not sure which was worse…"

Sam claims Plane Pal can solve all these dilemmas.

However, check that your airline lets you use it before you travel.

Qantas and Jetstar are just some to ban children's sleep aids, saying they "‘impede access to seats and aisles, damage aircraft seats and block access to emergency equipment".

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