Fiendish Valentine’s Day brainteaser challenges YOU to find the ‘love’ hidden among the scattered sweets

WITH Valentines’ Day just around the corner Brits are being challenged to find love – in this fiendish brainteaser. 

Rather than meeting your soulmate, you’re looking for the word ‘love’ hidden among these scattered sweets. 

The design was created by 247 Blinds just in time for the big day – February 14 – so you can get involved in some romantic activities even if you’re spending it solo. 

The team said: “The Looking For Love roller blind comprises a random assortment of bright, retro love hearts, each containing one letter.” 

Each letter is either 'L', 'O', 'V' or 'E' – making this brainteaser fiendishly tricky.

If you’re a fan of the print, you can even buy it for your house and challenge your friends and family, with prices for the blind starting from £17.60. 

  • Looking For Love – Roller Blind, 247 Blinds – buy now

If you’re about ready to give up – on the brainteaser – we’ve handily circled it below. 

But try checking the bottom left-hand corner before scrolling for the answer.

While this optical illusion does something freaky when you stare at the black dot for 10 seconds.

And this tricky Valentine’s Day brainteaser challenges YOU to find the word ‘love’ in the scattered sweets in under one minute.

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