Easy tips to avoid a hangover this Christmas WITHOUT giving up booze – and how to instantly feel fresh the next day

'TIS the season to be jolly and for most people, that means enjoying a boozy drink or three.

But these simple tips will have you waving goodbye to those groggy mornings and sore heads after a night on the drink, and they couldn't be easier to do.

Rather than reaching for your go-to morning-after remedy to ease that nauseous feeling, Brandrated’s resident nutritionist Jessica Overfield reckons you can prevent it altogether.

Here, she shares with Fabulous five easy ways to dodge a hangover this festive season and it all starts with what you eat.

Eat but eat properly

We all know the importance of eating before a night out on the booze.

But according to Jessica, what you east seriously makes a difference.

She explains: "Drinking on an empty stomach is the worst thing you can do if you hope to prevent a hangover the next day as alcohol absorbs into your bloodstream much faster with an empty stomach.

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"Opt for foods rich in Zinc, such as red meat, chicken, wholegrains, and avocados.

"Zinc helps metabolise the alcohol faster, thus reducing the severity of hangover symptoms."

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We previously reported that foods such as broccoli, kale, lemon, turmeric and beetroot are all great for liver function and therefore help to prevent hangovers.

Try eating a roasted vegetable salad to pack in as many as possible.

What's more, research previously commissioned by the Australian government found those who drank 220ml of Asian pear juice before a night on the sauce were much less likely to have a bad hangover than those who didn't.

Drinking the fruit juice was found to boost people's levels of concentration the next day, as well as containing anti-inflammatory agents which reduce that throbbing headache.

Veg out

A TikTok video earlier this year claimed that eating asparagus can help reduce the intensity of and completely prevent hangovers – and this is true according to Jessica.

She said: "The claim is backed by a 2009 study that shows that amino acids and minerals found in asparagus help protect your liver cells and alleviate hangover symptoms. "

Choose your booze

If you want to avoid a hangover, it's obviously best to stick to water – but where's the fun in that?

And while you might not give much thought to what you're knocking back, not all drinks are created equal.

Jessica says that darker alcohols, such as cognac and whiskey, are higher in congeners which causes an inflammatory reaction in your body.

This is what causes your head to throb and your tummy to turn the next day.

So choose clear spirits, such as vodka or gin, instead and remember to stay hydrated,

Up in smoke

Food and drink aside, a 2012 study showed that those who smoke or vape while drinking are more likely to experience worse hangovers than those that don't.

This includes social smokers too.

"Avoiding the temptation will not only help prevent your hangover, but it will also reduce your risk of serious illness such as lung cancer," Jessica warns.

The morning after

If you find that alcohol still got the better of you, what you do the following day matters.


"Eating a hearty breakfast the next morning is incredibly important to prevent your hangover from getting worse, even if you are already experiencing hangover symptoms," says Jessica.

"After drinking, your blood sugar levels may drop and make a hangover feel worse. Eating a substantial breakfast, with foods rich in vitamins and protein, will help maintain blood sugar levels and make you feel better."

She says to choose foods such as eggs, beans and avocado but avoid foods high in sugar. 

Health Practitioner and Skin Specialist Tammy Richards at Pure Optical agrees, adding: "Breakfast foods are typically full of key nutrients, including calcium, vitamins and fibre, so try and aim for foods which include these things like wholegrain cereal, wholemeal toast or rolled oat porridge."

But if you really can't stomach anything too big, then try fresh fruit and nuts, or natural yogurt.


In addition to eating a hearty breakfast, Tammy says that fresh air and exercise help release endorphins which can improve your mood and make you genuinely feel better.

“But try and avoid anything too strenuous which will make you sweat. Alcohol promotes increased urine production and increased urine production results in losing water and becoming dehydrated," she explains.

"Sweating too much will make you feel worse and can be dangerous as you end up losing a lot of water.”

Keep hydrated

Tammy says: “99% of hangover symptoms are the result of dehydration, so it’s good practice to try and have a glass of water per alcoholic drink, as this will help prevent severe dehydration.

“If it is too late to do this, then try and drink enough water the next day. Keep drinking water, as this will help make you feel better.”


Drinking excessively can cause poor sleep quality, and even though you might fall asleep faster, you will wake up feeling sluggish.

Tammy explains: “When you fall asleep after drinking, you lose out on the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep stage. REM is an important role in brain development and helps improve moods and memory. 

“A lack of sleep can make a hangover worse, as it results in fatigues, headaches and even irritability. Ideally, you will want to sober up before going to sleep, but if this is unavoidable, try and sleep as much as you can the next morning (yes you’re allowed a lay in!) or get an early night.” 

Try a natural remedy

There are loads of old tales which involve natural remedies and potions, promising to cure a hangover, however, a lot of them are more fiction than fact.

But some, believe it or not, actually work and they're certainly worth a go.

Ginger has been scientifically proven to reduce hangover symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting and so has chamomile thanks to its calming properties.

Taking chamomile will not only soothe an unsettled stomach, but research also shows that chamomile can soothe anxiety.

Plus chamomile can also help you to sleep better, so it's worth keeping a box of tea handy in the cupboard.

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