CLEANING fanatics rave about 99p product which leaves EVERYTHING in their house sparkling

A CLEANING influencer has raved about the 99p product that leaves everything in her home sparkling clean. 

If you don’t enjoy long-winded cleaning tasks, then this hack is a must-try – it’s quick, easy, and is purse-friendly. Best of all, you can use this one product to clean your entire home. 

Posting to her TikTok account under the username @cleanwithbekxx, Becky Murphy recommends using white vinegar – which can be picked up from any home store for around 99p – to clean your home.

This can be combined with a washing-up wand, such as a Dishmatic Dish Sponge with a handle that can be picked up at stores like Wilko for under £2, or simply used with a normal sponge.

In the now-viral video, Becky reveals the five ways she uses the solution to clean her home. 

Firstly, she shows how she uses the vinegar to wipe her window sills, preventing fruit flies from entering her home. 

Her next tip is to use the same method to achieve streak-free windows, using the vinegar to clean her windows, leaving them sparkling. 

Becky also uses the same method to remove stubborn stains from walls; gently scrubbing the paintwork, leaving her walls stain-free. 

The next tip involves using the vinegar to clean metal surfaces, such as a letterbox – the result is a very shiny letterbox. 

Finally, Becky shares how she uses white vinegar to clean her washing machine, removing all the old detergent residue. 

TikTok users couldn’t get over the smart cleaning hack, with many excited to try the hack for themselves or sharing other ways that they use the same method to clean their homes. 

One user commented: “Also descales kettles and bottle sterilisers”

Another user commented: “game changer!!!”

Some users were worried about the smell of the white vinegar and how strong it would be in their homes, while others didn’t care as long as the smart hack had the desired effect. 

One user commented: “I got my brush from Wilko.. Only £1.20.. this is a brilliant idea. I don’t care if it smells, as long as it works”.

One commented: “The washing machine clean did it for me”.

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