Cleaning fanatic shares the simple way she gets old rugs looking brand new and fluffy – & you won’t need to buy anything | The Sun

OVERTIME your carpet goes through a lot. 

Lots of feet, wear and tear, even furniture dents eventually take their toll. 

Whilst brushing and vacuuming is important to keep your carpet clean, it can't always restore the fluffiness of a twist pile or saxony carpet.

A cleaning fan has shared her simple method for bringing a carpet back to life. 

Julia_m_si is a cleaning and lifestyle TikTok account with over 382,000 followers. 

The account user recently shared a video showing how to manage to bring the fluff back to their rug.

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They said: “TikTok made me try it.”

First you want to clean your carpet, give it a good hovering so you're not working with any dust. 

Then you want to lay a slightly wet or damp cloth on a section of your carpet. 

Next steam the cloth with an iron on medium heat.

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Press an iron on the cloth for about 30-60 seconds and move it in a circular motion.

It is really important you don’t put the iron directly on your carpet as it may damage the carpet fibres.

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Next you want to fluff the carpet.

You can do this with your fingers but it's much easier to use a brush or comb.

Then you repeat this method on all the areas of carpet that you want to revamp.

When you're finished go over the carpet a final time with a brush so the carpet has an even look.

The cleaning video now has over 50,000 views.

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One commenter said: “Love this rug, had it too until my Persian cat decided to love it not a nice way. Had to throw it out”.

Another said: “Take a comb, the result will be much better.”

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