Cleaning fanatic shares easy tin foil dishwasher hack which gets rid of even the most stubborn, baked on food

A CLEANING fan has shared an easy hack to get even the most stubborn food off in the dishwasher – and all you need is a roll of tin foil.

Dominika, who posts under the Washy_wash account on TikTok, took to the social media site to post a video of the hack.

Alongside a dishwasher tablet popped into the machine, she included a screwed up ball of tin foil.

"Put aluminium foil 'ball' into dishwasher while doing dishes," she wrote on the video.

She explained that the "chemical reaction between aluminium foil and the dishwasher tablets will break (down) dirt".

And while the video has been watched a staggering 225,000 times since it was posted, the reaction in the comments section was mixed.

"Wow," one person wrote, while another person added: "People come up with the craziest s**t."

When another person said that it's the dishwasher's job to get the dishes clean, Dominika replied: "Sure, but sometimes your dishes are dirty even after washing them in the dishwasher."

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Someone else suggested: "Just use detergent in both the main wash AND pre wash compartments."

And another person complained that the hack would "make silverware rust", to which Dominika insisted that silverware shouldn't be washed in the dishwasher anyway.

Dominika frequently shares cleaning hacks on her TikTok account, which has two million likes.

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