Cleaning expert shares savvy £1 tip that means you'll NEVER lose your socks in the washing machine again

CONFESSION time – we can't do a load of laundry without somehow losing a sock (or two).

Honestly, it's a talent… and a very expensive one at that.

That said, TikTok star Chantel Mia has shared a top tip that promises to put us out of our misery – and to be honest, we're kicking ourselves for not doing it all along.

In a viral video that's racked up over 50,000 views, the savvy mum revealed how she has a separate mesh bag for each member of her family.

When laundry days roll round, Chantel will then divide dirty socks into their bags and pop them in the machine.

Better still, the $3 [£1.50] bags the mum purchased can even go in the dryer too – so you don't have to separate them and risk losing the odd one.


Describing how the tip has come in handy for her, Chantel added: "Everything is categorised to make folding easy."

Urging followers to give it a go themselves, she wrote: "Never lose your socks in the wash again."

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"This is such a great idea," one fan replied. "Hate trying to find all the socks after a wash!"

Another added: "WTFFF HOW CAN I NEVER HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS??? I'm getting angry."

Meanwhile, a third suggested: "Pillow case works too!"

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