Can you spot the hidden sprout in this Christmas dinner picture?

But in this illustration of a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, there is just one solo sprout rolling around the table… so can YOU spot where it is?

Hidden amongst the plates of broccoli and bowls of cranberry sauce, there's one single sprout camouflaged by the festive green tabletop.

And judging by the sheer amount of food on display, it's almost like this family don't enjoy their yearly dose of sprouts.

Designed by herb and spice maker Schwartz, this tricky puzzle does throw in a couple curveballs too…

We've personally lost track over how many times we thought a green bauble was the missing veg.

But it turns out, the solo sprout was hiding in plain sight by a side plate all along.

The Christmas puzzle follows new research which found that sprouts are the UK's sixth favourite addition to a Christmas meal – beating carrots, cranberry sauce and parsnips to the punch.

And if you ask us, that's a lot higher than we thought they'd rank.

Head of UK Marketing at Schwartz said: "Christmas can be stressful, with so many meals to cook, people to entertain and presents to buy.

"Adding a simple twist to traditional meals, treats and snacks will impress your friends and family and create new traditions the whole family can enjoy."

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