Boy, 10, forfeits Christmas presents for TWO YEARS after raking up monster Fortnight bill on gran’s credit card | The Sun

GROWING up, we've all made poor decisions that left our parents and other grown-ups less than impressed.

And this one ten-year-old is no exception, after spending a whopping £245 on his grandma’s credit card to fund his love for video games.

But instead of getting told off, the kid faces what other children may deem their worst nightmare – a whole two years without any gifts on Christmas.

The story went viral on Reddit, after user Pandalungs, the boy's uncle, explained what had happened in hopes to gain support from fellow social media users.

According to the man, he had lent his nephew his Nintendo Switch and the child was keen to play Fortnite, one of the most popular video games in the world.

In order to get a battle pass (£6.49), the ten-year-old then asked his gran to buy one for him – which is when he gained access to her credit card.

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The same charge, the man then went on, was seen on her card at a later date – however, the kid was quick to say it had been an ''accident''.

But over the following two years, the £6.49 turned into £245 on the nan's name.

'‘Somehow it was always a mistake, and he would immediately text and apologise. It got to where he asked us not to tell his parents.

'‘My mom (i.e., the grandma) wouldn’t do anything about it other than tell him to stop.

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''I tried to stay out of it because it was between them.''

At some point, however, the uncle got fed up and decided it was only right to let his parents know about the issue, whilst also taking his Switch back to ensure the charges don't go through anymore.

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But in his eyes, this still wasn't enough – in a desperate bid to teach the rascal a lesson, Pandalungs decided he would not give any more presents, be it birthday or the festive season.

Instead, the money would go back to the grandma's account, to repay the missing £245.

''‘She’s being repaid, one way or another.''

For those wondering if the grandma's still treating her grandson to presents – of course, she is.  

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Dr Niamh Lynch took to the TikTok to inform parents about certain dangers toys have, citing five that she believes should not be sold.

The first product she doesn't recommend is water beads.

The @tiktokkiddydoc described them as “small, colourful little things that look cute”.

However, the danger is if they are swallowed, they can swell to 200 times their original size, causing a massive hazard for children, such as an obstruction in the intestine.

She said: “You can get a tiny, tiny little bead swelling to the size of a tennis ball."

She noted that there have been cases of children needing surgery following the ingestion of one single water bead.

Next, she spoke about toys with button batteries, especially ones that are not safely screwed into their compartments.

Her reason why is that they are “small and easy to swallow” which could lead to “severe burning of the oesophagus and the gut” and may result in life-changing or even life-ending injuries.

Next, she spoke specifically about toddlers, saying: “Don’t get them things with small parts."

She urged parents to check if something is too small by using the ‘toilet roll test’ – if it can fit through, a toddler could probably swallow it.

She urged parents to avoid buying anything with parts smaller than that diameter.

Controversially, she then mentioned a pet, saying: “Santa agrees with me here."

Her first reason was that “elves can’t actually make pets” and the second one she notes is that “Christmas is probably the worst time to bring a pet into your family” as it's too chaotic and disruptive.

The final one she spoke about is quad bikes, saying they are getting increasingly more popular.

She said they are “powerful vehicles” and if crashed or flipped over can cause a child serious life-changing or life-ending injuries.

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