As lingerie sales soar in lockdown, we challenge 3 couples to pick underwear for each other – with surprising results

WHAT underwear does your partner really want you to wear?

Sales of lingerie have shot through the roof in lockdown, with Figleaves reporting a 66 per cent rise and Missguided seeing a whopping 300 per cent increase compared to last year.

Meanwhile, a new poll found some blokes only get new pants every five years – and some hang on to the same battered old briefs for more than 20 years.

But is your taste the same as your partner’s?

We challenged three couples to choose a set of underwear they would really like to see their other half in, and what they would pick out for themselves.

So which pair managed to get a matching set, and who got their knickers in a twist?

'They were hideous! I couldn’t stop laughing!'

ITZEL Amaya, 33, a student and barmaid has been married to construction worker Dylan Bennett, 39, for nine years. The pair live in Bristol.

Itzel says: “The black set that Dylan chose for me was just too lacy and the knickers were too high-waisted for my liking. I have a thing about thinking my hips are big and I always think a high waist just emphasises that.

“I would wear it for Dylan though if he asked nicely.

“Normally, I’m very practical with my underwear. I go for plain colours like pink, black or green and I cycle a lot so I want bras that I can wear under t-shirts, but that still look cute. I have got some sexy sets for date nights. Most of them are red because Dylan likes red.

“I chose the pink set for myself because it was comfy and I thought it showed off my boobs well. I thought the pants he chose for himself were hideous! I couldn’t stop laughing! The ones I chose for him were just the same style as the ones I normally buy for him.”

Dylan says: “I thought the black set would be really sexy on Itzel. She says she has big hips, but I love her body, I don’t see that at all.

“But when she put it on, it was a bit too frilly. It was sexy but to be honest, the set she chose for herself was better. It’s not just about the style of the underwear, it’s about how confident the person looks in them and Itzel looked far more confident in the ones she chose.”

“I admit the pants I chose were not my colour! I just picked out the most comfortable, and they’re just like the ones I’ve got at home.

“I don’t mind the boxers she picked out, but I draw the line at long shorts. I don’t really think of what underwear makes me feel sexy, so long as they’re suitably new and there’s no holes in them. I’d put more thought into the layers above them for a date.”

'I’ll choose something to accentuate the fun parts'

MARIA Stavrou, 31, and her husband Ash Edelman, 30, both circus performers living near Camden, north London, have been married for two years.

Maria says: “If I’m planning a sexy evening with Ash, I’ll go for a four-piece lingerie set. That’s bra, knickers, suspenders and stockings.

"I like to emphasise my legs but I’m not keen on my midriff at the moment – after quarantine, it’s definitely seen better days.

“On a normal day, I’d go for comfort and support in my bra and a pair of lacy panties.

“I picked out the yellow for myself, which was lacy and kind of see through. I just loved the vibrant colour.

“He picked out the blue number which was a really good shape, and actually a bit more demure than I would choose, but I loved it for a day-to-day set. I really liked the shape of the bra and the briefs, and they shielded the bits I like to shield. For a date, I’d go for something more sexy.

“It was so much fun seeing what we would each pick out.”

Ash adds: “Maria picked the kind of boxer briefs I have at home. There wasn’t much difference in the ones I chose for myself. I try to keep my lacy numbers for special occasions!

“I definitely have date underwear which are a bit tighter and definitely show off your best bits.

“I know Maria will be wearing something special, so I’ll choose something to accentuate the fun parts.

“Maria looked fantastic in both sets. Whatever she’s wearing, I look at her and get excited.”

'Both the bra and the knickers were see-through!'

Annabel Mizel, 26, a dancer, from Wembley, north west London, has only been dating tennis coach and DJ Charlie Buirski, 29, for a few months.

Annabel says: “I couldn’t believe it when Charlie chose the orange set. Both the bra and the knickers were quite see-through underwear, and I really don’t like see-through underwear. I prefer something that’s still sexy without feeling so naked.

I like something with a bit of support on the top and a thong, which I find sexier and more comfortable than bigger pants. I do like matching underwear, it makes you feel more put together, but it’s not always possible. For a date, I like lacy, colourful sets.

“I loved the colour of the blue set, it’s still sexy but not in such an obvious way as the one Charlie chose! The bralet is a bit more girly and feminine.

“I chose the silky black boxers for him. I hate budgie-smugglers, I much prefer a fuller pair of pants. I think they’re more manly. I quite liked the ones he chose, they weren’t too small but they’re not really a special occasion underwear.”

Charlie adds: “I liked the vibrant colour of the lingerie set I chose for Annabel and it had a cute frill to it. I didn’t actually realise it was see-through until she put it on.

“I thought Annabel looked really good in it.

“I didn’t like the blue set as much, I didn’t think the colour suited Annabel as much as red or the orange. It was still quite sexy and I think Annabel was looking more for comfort.

“When she chose the black shorts, I wondered if she was deliberately picking out the worst choice for me!

“I liked the loose fit for comfort and they were a bit Hugh Hefner-esque, which was quite funny.

“I’d wear them again, for sure. I wouldn’t have picked silk, I prefer cotton, but they felt nice and for a one-off they were quite sexy and fun. I’d wear whatever Annabel wanted me to wear on a date!”

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