Are these the worst Insta fails of all time? From terrifying cheek bones to scarily skinny selfies

WE ARE all guilty of a little editing or adding the occasional filter to an Instagram filter.

However, the people in these snaps look barely human thanks to their seriously dodgy Photoshop skills.

BoredPanda has compiled a gallery of some of the worst retouching offenders – and it will make you step away from the filter for good.

In some cases an effort to improve their figure has left the subject with some very distorted features including miniscule waists and enormous derrieres.

Elsewhere warped backgrounds give the game away while others were caught out by surrounding mirrors.

Here we share some of the very worst Insta fails of all time…

A good ribbing

Hot stuff

Wax lyrical


Slim chance

On reflection


All about the angles

Out of this world

Magic muscles

Blurred lines

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