An Inside Look at Sofia Carson's Stylish Day Out at Paris Fashion Week

Sneak peek! @maisonvalentino

Here we go…♥️ @maisonvalentino

Moments like this. 

Walking on actual clouds.

The most electric feeling. ♥️

Paris, tu as mon coeur. 

The most beautiful welcome in the world, je vous aime avec tout mon coeur. ♥️ 

“The people you love become ghosts inside of you, & like this you keep them alive.” 

Be still my heart, show time.

Front row (red)y. @maisonvalentino

Janelle Monaé, I simple adore you.

Pierpaolo there are no words to describe what we all felt in that room…you simply, and literally, took our breath away. Merci, avec tout mon coeur. ♥️  It was my honor. 

Post-show high. ♥️

Today was the most magical day, & I loved putting together this photo diary for you @people. Thank you for sharing today with me, all my love and until next time. ♥️


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