YNW Melly Murder Was ‘Cold & Calculated’, According To Broward State Attorney

In Florida’s notice to seek the death penalty against YNW Melly, the state attorney called his alleged crime ‘especially heinous.’

YNW Melly was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in Feb. 2019, and according to legal documents obtained by HollywoodLife, the State of Florida “intends to seek the death penalty” against him. The document, which files the State’s notice to seek the death penalty, also states that the murder was “especially heinous, atrocious or cruel,” and “was committed in a cold, calculated and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.” The legal documents also claim that YNW was allegedly a “criminal gang member.”

Melly and his crewmember, YNW Bortlen, were previously arrested on Feb. 13 by authorities in Miramar, Florida police. The two were later charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the October deaths of Anthony Williams (YNW Sakchaser) and Christopher Thomas Jr. (YNW Juvy). Authorities are claiming that Melly not only allegedly shot the two of them, but that he later allegedly staged the crime scene to appear as if Williams and Thomas were slain in a drive-by shooting. As of the time of their arrest, a motive was not immediately known. However, in the documents, prosecutors claims the felony was committed for “pecuniary gain.”

Melly already served a year behind bars in 2017 after he was charged with firing a gun at three students at a high school. While he was in prison, he wrote “Murder On My Mind.” “I was locked up, for the first time,” Melly revealed on Genius. “I was like 16, 15. I literally woke up in the jail cell and I was like, ‘Wake up in the morning, I got murder on my mind. AK-47, MAC-11, Glocks, and nine’s.’ And then the b*tch was like, ‘Get up, get up. Time to get up.’ Like yeah, f*ck that song… Ain’t nobody know I could rap. I just seen everybody talking about how they could rap and all this shit and I’m like n—-s garbage. So I’m like f*ck it.”

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