Wendy Williams Laughs Off Divorce On Live Show, 4 Days After Filing: ‘My Business Is Your Business’

Wendy Williams broke her silence since filing for divorce from Kevin Hunter on April 11. The host was in great spirits on her show, April 15, when she laughed hysterically over her ‘business’ being part of ‘Hot Topics’. — ‘It’s kind of funny. It’s fair game, I get it!’

Wendy Williams, 54, is doing fine just four days after filing for divorce from her husband of nearly 22 years, Kevin Hunter, 46. The talk show host spoke loosely and candidly about the split during her show on April 15, where she revealed what’s next for her and son, Kevin Jr., 18. “‘Their business is our business’ — that’s been our motto on the show. It’s been a ‘Hot Topics’ tradition since we previewed 11 years ago, and it’s so funny now because my business is your business!”, she told her studio audience while laughing hysterical. “It’s kind of funny. It’s fair game, I get it! My business is your business.”

Wendy went on to reveal that she’s leaving the sober house in Queens, NY, in which she’s been living in for weeks. The host, who is set to move out in a “few days,” previously revealed that she sought treatment for addiction in mid-March. “You know I’ve been dealing with issues with addiction, alcoholism, and I have a whole new life that I have planned for me and my son,” Wendy said of her plans after leaving the sober home. “Believe me you, when you lay in a room with no television and four grey walls all day, and no telephone — you lay there and think about your life at the sober house,” she explains, adding that the experience has been “one of the best things that could have ever happened” to her.

“Because when you think about your life, you think about how you’ve been delivering, and especially here on the show, you know, it’s no secret, we’re friends… You wear a different mask when you’re out here,” Wendy says before explaining that opening up about her addiction was the catalyst to fixing other parts of her life.

“Everybody has things in their life that they’re embarrassed to share with the world, or they’re frightened to share, or they’re not ready to share with the world,” she continues. “And, addressing my sobriety and my addiction has really helped me sort out every compartment of my life. I have a committment to me and my son to come out of here better, stronger and faster. You’ll forget about my business any moment now, but, I commit that the motto of this show will always be, ‘Their business is our business.’”

Wendy married Kevin with the divorce documents, HollywoodLife reported that the couple was headed towards a split. In the legal papers, it was stated that the couple’s marriage had been on the rocks for “six months” before Wendy filed. The host also asked that the court “equitably” divide their assets and “establish the appropriate amount of child support.” Wendy’s personal representative also provided HollywoodLife with the following statement at the time: “Thank you to everyone for respecting the family’s privacy during this time. Kevin is supportive of Wendy and they are working through this process together. No additional comment will be provided at this time.”

Now, Wendy and her ex, who is also an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show will continue to work together, despite their recent divorce. “Yes, he will keep working, they can’t just kick him off the show or fire him,” a source close to the show previously shared with HollywoodLife. “It is not that easy since he also co-owns the production company with Wendy that produces their show, and he has been Wendy’s manager for years.” Kevin was Wendy’s second husband. They wed on November 30, 1997. She would later give birth to their son Kevin Jr. on August 18, 2000.

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