TOWIE’s Chloe Brockett denies ex boyfriend Harry Lee refused to film scenes with her but admits he was ‘worried’ to face her — EXCLUSIVE

The Only Way Is Essex star Chloe Brockett has furiously denied claims that her ex boyfriend Harry Lee had refused to film scenes with her and lodged a complaint about her behaviour.

Chloe, 18, and 24 year old Harry started dating earlier this year when they both joined the cast of the hit ITVBe show.

But their relationship ended just months later, with reports that Chloe "harassed" Harry and "bombarded him with messages" before they started filming the current series.

Discussing the reports, Chloe exclusively told OK! online: "It wasn't some bombardment of texts that I had because that was one of the articles, it was never that.

"I was angry at Harry, it was the way that he treated me, not that we weren't together anymore.

"From what I heard he hadn't refused to film with me. To be honest with you, I do think he was probably worried about filming with me. He knows that I can be quite fiery and he had done a lot to annoy me.

"The way he treated me when we were seeing each other wasn't very nice, I still stand by that even if he doesn't.

"The things he said to me were quite damaging on me and I still stand by that as well.

"I suppose he didn't want that brought to camera, but he shouldn't have acted like that if he didn't."

A source told OK! online last month: "Harry has been inundated with texts and WhatsApp messages from Chloe.

"After they split up she kept hitting him up. He tried blocking her but she bombarded him on everything."

The insider continued: "The situation got so bad for Harry that he actually had to tell TOWIE bosses that he wouldn’t film scenes with her anymore because he was sick of it all."

They also claimed that Harry had "put a complaint in about Chloe’s behaviour," but TOWIE officials denied this was the case at the time.

When asked if she found it hard to have her break up played out on screens, Chloe said: "It's what I signed up for when I joined TOWIE.

"My life is going to play out on cameras so I'd never sit there and say, 'I don't want this on camera, I don't want that on camera' or refuse to do it, that comes with being on a reality show, it's going to have to be on camera.

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"I think me watching that can make me think, 'Oh actually, I can deal with that situation', and stuff like that."

Speaking about the scenes, Chloe added: "It's always gonna be up in the air, isn't it? We hadn't seen each other for nearly three months so there were still a lot of things that needed to be said and done and then when we did see each other it was explosive and things did go a bit mad, but that's done now and I feel like we don't really have much to say to each other.

"I'm moving on, Harry's moving on, we're both at different stages now and I feel like we were never really that suited to each other in the first place."

Opening up on her reaction to having to film alongside Harry and his new girlfriend, Frankie Sims, Chloe said: "Honestly, it's like me being around a postman and his new girlfriend. It don't affect me. She's lovely, he's my ex, I think he's a bit of a t**t but other than that it's fine."

Viewers will see Harry get close to Chloe and Demi Sims' sister Frankie in scenes on Sunday night as they shared a kiss in the teaser for the next episode in the series.

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