Too Hot To Handle series 2: Meet the contestants

Too Hot To Handle series 2! A former stripper, a lawyer and a footballer… meet the new singletons vying for the $100k prize by avoiding intimate contact on the Netflix dating show

It is the reality series that saw a string of attractive contestants learn they would win $100,000 if they had no sexual contact with each other for four weeks.

And now the sizzling line-up for the second series of the hit Netflix dating show has been revealed, and includes a former stripper, a lawyer and a professional athlete.

Unlike it’s ITV2 counterpart, the show only rewards contestants if they are able to resist any form of physical contact, including kissing and caressing.

Series 2! Meet the contestants hoping to bag the $100,000 prize fund as they take part in Too Hot To Handle. (L-R Cam, Emily, Larissa, Peter, Nathan, Marvin, Chase, Carly, Melinda and Kayla)

Among the contestants hoping to go all the way is professional footballer Chase, 24, from Arizona, who revealed he believes his sex drive is ‘100 out of 10’. 

Joining Chase in the villa is ‘man-eater’ model Carly, 24, who describes herself as an ‘insatiable, fun-loving party girl’ with no plans to settle down. 

Auckland-based lawyer Larissa, 28, is also apart of the 10 newbies heading to the new location of Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.

If the new batch of singletons fail to follow the strict no-petting rule the total of their prize fund will drop and the rule break will be announced to the group.

Contestant: Larissa, 24, says when she’s not immersed in the legal world she’s enjoying all the attention she gets at parties

Last series, competitors from across the globe entered a luxury villa in Mexico and 10 stars of the show managed to make it to the final and split the $75,000 prize.

While the total dwindled thanks to a number of rule breaks from randy contestants, the singletons were later given the chance to win back the money.  

The cast hailed from the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, and Australia and have kept in touch since the show ended.

Athlete: Footballer Chase, 24, says he has a sex-drive that’s, in his words, 100 out of 10. How will he cope in the villa?

Contestant Chloe Veitch told the Evening Standard: ‘We all FaceTime each other all the time and now [Too Hot To Handle] has been seen by millions of people, we want to make sure we all are okay. We are making sure we call people and text people so we’re all alright.’

The Essex native also told The Sun the series was a form of ‘sexual rehabilitation’ and changed her approach to dating.

Too hot! Kayla, 26, from Florida works as a model and bartender

She said: ‘It was sexual rehabilitation for everyone. I was a serial dater and would always have a few guys on the go.

‘I was addicted to Tinder, swiping all day. It was a confidence boost for me. But I never chose the best guys. I’ve been hurt before and have an emotional barrier up.’

Netflix co-CEO previously hailed Too Hot To Handle as the streaming service’s ‘biggest competition show ever’, with the first series the number one show on Netflix during the week of April 20 after it premiered.

Too Hot to Handle series 2: Episodes 1-4 released on 23rd June and episodes 5-10 will launch on 30th June.


Name: Larissa

Age: 28

Location: Auckland

Occupation: Lawyer

Fun fact: When she’s not immersed in the legal world she’s enjoying all the attention she gets at parties

Name: Cam

Age: 24

Location: Wales, UK

Occupation: Personal trainer

Fun fact: Cam is a self-confessed sexy nerd. He loves Lord of the Rings and can do a spot-on Gollum impression 

 Name: Melina

Age: 28

Location: New York, USA

Occupation: Model

Fun fact: Melinda from Brooklyn is one of 16 siblings, but that doesn’t stop her from standing out in a crowd 

Name: Marvin

Age: 27

Location: Paris, France

Occupation: Model

Fun fact: Marvin has a masters in finance and played basketball at the highest level in France 

Name: Kayla

Age: 26

Location: Florida, USA

Occupation: Bartender and model

Fun fact: Her strict upbringing gave her a rebellious wild side when she left home

 Name: Chase

Age: 24

Location: Arizona, USA

Occupation: Footballer

Fun fact: He has a sex-drive that’s, in his words, 100 out of 10. How will he cope in the villa?

Name: Carly

Age: 24

Location: Toronto, Canada

Occupation: Model

Fun fact: This Canadian model is an insatiable, fun-loving party girl, who hates being told what to do

Name: Peter

Age: 21

Location: New York, USA

Occupation: Personal trainer

Fun fact: Peter is a Tik Tok influener and receives 100-200 DMs a day from his admirers

Name: Emily

Age: 27

Location: London, UK

Occupation: Model

Fun fact: his multi-lingual model is the life and soul of the party, but she’s not afraid to break a few hearts 

Name: Nathan

Age: 27

Location: Texas, USA

Occupation: Former stripper

Fun fact: Nathan is originally from the UK but moved to Texas for work. That work? Magic Mike style stripping

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