Todd Rundgren To Launch Virtual Television Series

Todd Rundgren, who was forced to cancel his tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, has announced plans to launch a new live virtual television series, titled “Todd’s Honest Truth,” streaming from his home on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Rundgren, dubbed “Rock’s Renaissance Man,” will be premiering his bi-weekly live interactive virtual show at 6pm PDT/9PM EDT on June 22, which is his 72nd birthday.

A new episode will then go live every other Friday beginning July 3 in the same time slot.

He will be answering audience questions in real time through a live chat window open for viewers to interact.

Rundgren will encourage audience members to submit content which he will curate in between shows and select standouts for inclusion on upcoming episodes.

“Forty years ago I reserved a transponder on a satellite, hoping to broadcast to homes across the world. Apparently, that satellite got lost or blew up or something so a dream was put on hold… until now!
And I don’t even have to leave my house!!!” Rundgren said in a statement.

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