Taylor Swift fans really want to believe she's married Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift fans have ‘uncovered’ supposed Easter eggs in her latest release, Evermore, that they believe suggests the singer has secretly married boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

The Swizzle went and released her ninth studio this week, announcing it with just hours to go, and blessed us with the video clip for willow as well, which has got Swifties in a right twist.

Really showing us how much we’ve been wasting lockdown, just months after she blew the world away with her surprise album, Folklore, Taylor dropped the ‘sister record’ which is exciting in itself, but teamed with what many are hoping are very subtle hints as to her relationship status, people have begun to dissect the ideas with great zest – teaming them with other theories.

The ‘wedding dress’ in Willow’s video clip

Let’s get the main one out of the way fans seem to be going wild for.

Taylor dons a delightful Zimmermann dress at one stage in the clip, which, according to some, is her cheeky nod to a wedding dress.

A very excited fan wrote on Twitter: ‘Honestly, my first thought at this video was that it looks like a wedding dress. A very Taylor wedding dress. I told my husband to remember I said that if it comes out she and Joe got married!’

It’s all well and good to get up in our feelings about Taylor having potentially tied the knot with her boyfriend of four years (and that ‘engagement ring in Miss Americana sure didn’t help dispel any hopes from fans), but this is hardly the first time the singer has worn a dress that is giving off seriously bride vibes, nor the first moment she’s sung about marriage in her songs.

Which, coincidentally, is a bonus Easter egg we’ll get to in a moment…

The title of Willow

Some fans have suggested the pair married under a willow tree, which is awfully specific and we’re just going to move on.

The title of her album, Evermore

Pretty matrimonial, right?

One fan wrote on Twitter: ‘After listening to evermore for a few times since this morning… i can say, for sure, that taylor swift and joe are either engaged or married. and no one can change my mind.’

Well then.

With that one, we’re just going to assume Taylor is either wanting to keep things along the same vein as the similarly pixie-dream-like Folklore, or she’s a fan of the noughties pop-rock group from New Zealand with the same name.

The ‘updated’ Love Story lyrics

Nothing to do with evermore, sadly, but Taylor is currently re-recording her earlier albums after they were bought, then sold, by Scooter Braun.

We heard a very short snippet of her hit Love Story recently, and many fans have flexed their eardrums to try and decipher whether or not Taylor had edited a certain line to be more, how do you say, current and accurate to her life.

In the line ‘baby just say yes’, fans are not believing it to be ‘baby just said yes’.

This one might be some wishful thinking on the part of our brains (we don’t hear it) but a brilliant Easter egg should it come to fruition.

Joe Alwyn’s family have not denied the pair are married

This means nothing in the grand scheme of things. It took years for Taylor to even speak about Joe in interviews, so we hardly believe they’re about to let people sound of willy nilly in regards to their relationship status.

Still, fans were pretty flummoxed to see one of Joe’s relatives approached by the Daily Mail following the release of evermore, asked whether the actor had tied the knot with Taylor.

They responded: ‘I’m sorry, I’m not going to say anything.’

The jury’s out on whether this means anything or whether this is an example of fans getting a little too excited.

Ready for us to go against all of these Easter eggs, though?

The lyrics to Champagne Problems

Now, Champagne Problems is the song Taylor wrote alongside Joe for this release, and the lyrics appeared to go directly against them being married – or even engaged.

They read: ‘I never was ready so I watch you go/Sometimes you just don’t know the answer/’Til someone’s on their knees and asks you/”She would’ve made such a lovely bride/What a shame she’s f**ked in the head,” they said,’ as well as, ‘Your mum’s ring in your pocket/My picture in your wallet/Your heart was glass, I dropped it/Champagne problems.’

Or perhaps it’s just a little crafty work of creative writing. You know, as is songwriting.

Still, the engagement ring being dropped into the flute in the lyrics clip on Taylor’s YouTube is a nice touch…

Evermore is out now.

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