Sting Returns To CBGB’s In First Episode Of ‘Brian Johnson: A Life On The Road’

Rock icon Sting makes a return to legendary venue CBGB’s in the first episode of “Brian Johnson: A Life On The Road” set to air on September 15.

A sneak peak of the new series offered by AXS TV, shows Sting reminiscing about joining The Police, saying, “It was a punk band. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I thought I’d do it anyway.”

Sting describes the bar as “kind of a spooky place… it was so full of history,” and reflects on the powerful impact it had on him and his character.

Discussing with AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson about how the band toured the U.S. and performed at small clubs early in their career, Sting said, “I’m glad I did that. I’m just so grateful for it. It builds backbone. It builds some kind of psychological armor.”

“To sit and chat with my friends and heroes while filming ‘On The Road’ was ridiculous fun, and with no professional journalists around, you can feel the trust,” Johnson said about the series.

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