Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: Jay and Lola's hospital breakout

Soapwatch with JACI STEPHEN: Jay and Lola’s hospital breakout

  • This week on EastEnders, Jay and Lola have an emotional heart to heart on trip 
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Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside – especially when life becomes too dreary in Walford.

The last time we went, it was to see Jean wading into the sea in a wedding dress; this time it’s Lola, when Jay breaks her out of hospital after she collapses outside the gym.

It’s an emotional trip for the couple, as they share a heart-to-heart.

Finally. I know Jay’s having to be strong for Lola and Lexi, but half the time he makes the Mona Lisa look like The Laughing Cavalier.

On this week’s Eastenders, it’s an emotional trip for Jay Mitchell (played by Jamie Borthwick and Lola Pearce (played by Danielle Harold), both pictured, as they finally share a heart-to-heart on EastEnders

The seaside isn’t all Cornettos and cockles, though, when Lola spots a ruby necklace she’d like to buy Lexi for her 16th birthday and is accused by a police officer of stealing it.

It’s a veritable spilling of internal organs this week, when Stacey and Martin go on a picnic and also enjoy a heart-to-heart.

With her money struggles, and Lily facing bullying problems at school, Stacey is at her wits’ end.

Will she confess she’s been getting her kit off online to survive? Please, finish the sandwiches first; I’m not sure Martin’s stomach is quite ready for this.

What’s this new obsession with foisting Kim’s voice upon us at every opportunity? 


Praise be for Martin’s change from parish dullard to caring fairm-ly man. James Bye (Martin) says, ‘He’s less judgmental and takes Stacey for who she is.’ Just as well – that’s a lot to take.

Now she’s organising a karaoke party for Lola at the salon, but forgets to order the machine. Phew.

We can all be grateful for that. But, oh no!

Elaine saves the day by providing a swanky machine of her own.

Look out for another musical item at the end of the week too – you’re really not going to want to miss this one. Kleenex at the ready.

So, how is Elaine working out as the new co-owner of the Vic?

Well, she may be charming the local men with free drinks, but Linda is becoming irritated by her mother’s changes to the normal running of the place.


You mean Elaine’s stopped fights, murders, comings-out, revelations of parentage, disastrous weddings, wakes, etc? That’s never going to work for us.


Amy is in full protection mode towards Mia as the latter rekindles her romance with Aaron. Alas, it backfires when Mia accuses her of making up the rape, and DS Swain tells Amy that an allegation of harassment has been made against her.

Furious at the unfairness of the situation, Amy starts writing about it.

Here’s where it goes horribly wrong: Steve encourages her to post the document online.

Steve isn’t exactly known for thinking before he speaks; in fact, he’s not known for thinking at all. When the piece appears, Eric tells Amy she’s going to be sued for libel.

At least it gives Dee Dee something else to do. She handles more cases than Law And Order manages in an entire series.

Sure enough, she warns that a libel case could end up costing a fortune.

Furious at the unfairness of the situation, Amy (pictured) starts writing about it. Here’s where it goes horribly wrong: Steve encourages her to post the document online

Good luck with that.

Steve and Tracy worry they’ll have to sell their businesses for the legal fees, but their only real money is from the sale of one bunch of flowers a week and one taxi fare to the airport – a month. Just declare bankruptcy.

Apart from the mystery of why no one’s worked out that Stephen’s a serial killer, there’s another conundrum: why doesn’t Jenny keep the white wine in the fridge at the Rovers? It’s always on a shelf, yet no one ever complains that it’s warmer than the hotpot.

Amy’s taming her trauma 

The repercussions of Amy’s rape continue in Corrie, and for Elle Mulvaney, who plays her, it’s been an opportunity to show another side of her character.

‘I think it was about time. Yes she’s been traumatised but she’s still feisty, fiery and level-headed,’ says Elle.

She acknowledges that victims have different ways of dealing with trauma.

‘There’s no right path or easy route to accepting what’s happened. I think that’s something Corrie’s done really well.’

Amen to that.


You can’t help feeling that if Moira had spent less time having it away in haylofts and chatting round her kitchen table, she wouldn’t be in financial trouble.

With Caleb plotting with Kim to persuade Moira to sell them Butlers Farm, it seems she may have no option.

Cain is shocked when Moira admits emotional defeat in her battle to keep the farm afloat, and he’s wary when Caleb suggests selling to Kim.

On Emmerdale, Cain, played by Jeff Hordley, is shocked when Moira (Natalie J Robb) admits emotional defeat in her battle to keep the farm afloat (pictured), and he’s wary when Caleb suggests selling to Kim

Of course he does. Kim’s always the only option.

Where does she get her money? Most of it goes in topping up that decanter she clings to like a long-lost relative.

It seems Caleb’s up to no good where Kim’s concerned, when his contact Adrian provides him with USB sticks that will enable him to install malware on Kim’s laptop to obtain her passwords.

Here’s another question: why doesn’t Kim lock up her computer?

Probably for the same reason that her front door is always unlocked. For all her money, she still can’t afford a locksmith.

There could be love in the air for Liam when Wendy discovers a secret about him – he’s a published author who writes under the name Anna Le Monde. Where on earth does he find the time in between being the only doctor in Yorkshire and pushing women off bridges?

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