‘So emotional!’ Anne-Marie opens up about her on-stage fall during at Brit Awards

BRIT Awards: Anne-Marie falls down stairs during performance

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Anne-Marie, 30, has admitted that she thought her ankle was “going to fall off” after her tumble during her live performance at this year’s Brit Awards. The singer spoke to Cosmopolitan UK about the memorable event but admitted she was in severe pain after losing her balance on stage.

The ankle’s alright!


Anne-Marie fell down a set of steps while performing her song Don’t Play in front of 20,000 people at the O2 Arena.

However, the singer has admitted she has seen the funny side of the incident, joining the list of other stars who have taken a fall at the event.

She told the magazine: “The ankle’s alright! It’s not too bad. It’s better than what I thought it was going to be…I thought it was going to fall off, the direction it went in.

“No, it’s OK. I’m surprised I was even able to walk and carry on the performance.

“I was just really proud that I did that. Everyone was so nice about it.

“Afterwards, I was so emotional because everyone was so positive about it and being kind to me, that I was actually crying more about that then crying about what actually happened.

“[The memes] were making me laugh so much, I couldn’t not post them.”

Anne-Marie was dressed in a sparkly red dress as the dancer let go of her hand, allowing her to walk down the stairs alone.

She appeared to lose her footing and dropped to the floor, but continued to sing, recovering to the cheers from the large crowd.

Not long after she was joined by KSI for the rest of their duet.

Anne-Marie took to Twitter after the awards ceremony to joke about her fall.

She penned in view of her 1.1 million Twitter followers: “Didn’t need my left ankle anyway.”

She also later replied to a fan account name Annemariesankle, who said to the star: “Wow. Bit shaken up but I’m ok. Bit bruised but with a bit of ice should be fine xxx.”

She replied: “I AM DEAD.”

Specsavers also said to the star: “You’re next visit on us.”

To which Anne-Marie replied: “I’ll be in touch.”

She also took to Twitter to post a picture of herself at the afterparty with the caption: “My fragile little ankle made it out to the after party but then punched me in the face for it later #payingforit #imsorryankle.”

Anne-Marie joins Madonna who memorably fell onstage at the Brits in 2015.

The fall, caused by a “cape malfunction” when her outfit was accidentally tugged by one of her dancers, has been described as the most embarrassing moment in the history of the Brits.

Speaking after her fall, Madonna had one sombre vow: “No more capes.”

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