‘Really traumatic’ Ria Hebden talks injury that left her fearful of Dancing on Ice stint

Dancing on Ice: Ria Hebden reveals Lukasz dropped her

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Dancing on Ice star Ria Hebden has shared how it’s been a “real challenge” learning how to skate, as she narrowly avoided being voted off the show in the skate-off on Sunday’s programme. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the Lorraine star, 39, candidly addressed the impact a “traumatic” injury had on her confidence while learning how to ice skate with her pro partner, Lukasz Różycki.

It was really traumatic, root canal surgery, all of that

Ria Hebden

Lorraine’s entertainment reporter revealed that she struggled when she first took to the ice as she had previously suffered a “traumatic” injury which saw her fall and require stitches.

Ria confessed: “She said: “For me, I actually slipped on a wet floor years ago and fell face first and nearly knocked my teeth out, I had to have 12 stitches in my lip.

“It was really traumatic, root canal surgery, all of that.

“I know the physical pain when I fall flat on my face,” she added.

She explained that the fear of falling and repeating her injury initially held her back from giving it her all, before adding that her partner gradually built her confidence.

Ria went on: “So at the very beginning it was something that I really feared when I first started skating.

“So I told Lukasz about that from the beginning, he then really took his time to work to build up my confidence to feel safe doing those scary things and now I feel much better about it.”

Ria shared that she has never skated before and opened up about how challenging she found it both physically and mentally.

She said: “It’s a huge learning curve, you’re learning the moves, learning how to skate.

“From a psychological point of view you’re learning how to balance, because how you hold yourself and position your weight is so key with ice skating.

“If you put your weight in the wrong position just for a second it can throw your balance off completely and you can really hurt yourself, so that’s been a real challenge,” she admitted.

Speaking about her celebrity competitors on this year’s series, Ria told how “everybody’s at different levels”

She explained: “You’ve got some people who are professionally trained dancers who have been all their lives, so they know how to hold their postures and balance.

“All these things that I’m learning from scratch now, they’ve had years of that understanding and training.

“You’ve also got other people who have been on live shows like this for years so they’ll understand how to channel that adrenaline and put it into their performance and not let their nerves get the better of them.”

She added that some of the other contestants are “actors so they’ll know how to put on a show and performance.”

Despite her lack of experience on the ice, Ria admitted that she was determined not to let that get in her way.

The mother-of-two went on: “I’m not letting that hold me back because actually I think, ‘Well if I was watching me I’d think oh wow if she’s doing that after nine weeks of skating and she’s never skated before, maybe I could give it a go.’

“I just hope for people watching me it inspires them to give things that scare them a go,” she said.

Dancing on Ice continues Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

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