Ramona Singer’s House Trashed By Thirsty, Topless Real Housewives in Possibly the Drunkest Episode Ever

Last week, The Real Housewives of New York City went wild touring a mansion. That, it turns out, was nothing.

This week, the Housewives partied hard at Ramona’s house … and ended up totally trashing the place. That is not where vibrators go!

On this week’s RHONY, Ramona has some gripes about playing host … and her guests have some complaints of their own.

Ramona is eager to meet a man, which is a recurring issue in the episode.

Meanwhile, Luann is wildly thirsty.

She’s big horny for a couple of men in this episode, whether they’re playing tennis or grooming dogs … and her?

More importantly, Luann fesses up how difficult it was to resist drinking while at the mansion party with the girls.

Sonja, who drank enough for both of them, praises her for her honest and self-accountability.

“I’m so proud of where Luann is now, that she can be open and honest with us again,” Sonja remarks.

The time for the party arrives, and so does Jeff, whom Ramona fancies for his skills making lasagna and as a “… pianist.”

Once the sun has set, the ladies go wild.

Sonja and Leah helping each other to drink was quite a sight and, frankly, some serious meme-bait.

Leah, Tinsley, and Sonja hop into the pool, and one by one, they go topless — exclaiming praise when Tinsley bares har tatas.

They even try to wrangle Luann into the pool with them.

Wild that it’s only episode four and they’re already baring so many boobs, but good for them for having fun and showering each other with praise.

(Reminder, yelling praise at somebodies boobs is great at a party when they’re topless, but not appropriate for work)

While Luann passed on joining the pool party, that may have been for the best.

That way she could at least avoid blame for the tossed and damaged tiki torches, which would be important the next day.

Now, Leah’s top was a little see through, to the point where Dorinda (cowardly!) pressured her into putting on a corset.

Ramona actually up and leaves her own party for a while, which gets her dragged a little by her guests.

This quickly moves to Leah telling the ladies that they are more than their ex-husbands’ last names.

Leah also gets a little more wild, which Tinsley concludes may explain why there was a time when Leah did not drink at all.

Leah and Sonja really had some charming, if wildly drunken, bonding with each other.

It’s all very touchy-feely, in that drunk folks often touch and feel one another because their prefontal cortexes aren’t inhibiting them.

To everyone’s collective discomfort, we also saw Sonja on the toilet with the door open.

If you don’t close the door, the bathroom is not your sanctuary from the cameras — it’s your stage.

The next day, Ramona awoke to an absolute disaster zone.

She was particularly distressed about the tiki torches getting trashed.

Sure, they’re easy to replace, especially when you’re a wealthy Real Housewife.

But it’s so disrespectful, you know? Yes,e ven if you were drunk.

And then there was the kitchen, which was a full-on disaster zone of dishes and food.

It’s great that people had a good time, of course, but it looked like things got a little too wild.

Case in point: there was a vibrator sitting in a chicken dish.

That is, for the record, not where vibrators go.

Leah, perhaps feeling guilty for her role in the tiki torch tossing the night before, got up and gave the kitchen a speedy clean.

Ramona was onto her, but she appreciated it as a smart move.

To her credit, Ramona was pretty relaxed about the chaos.

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