Rachel Riley: Countdown star hits out at ‘idiotic’ protestors ‘This is why we fight’

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Rachel Riley, 34, vented her frustration as thousands of protestors descended on Trafalgar Square to proclaim their belief that Coronavirus is a “hoax”. The Countdown star called the “anti-vaxxers” a bunch of “village idiot’s” as she condemned the misinformation being circulated by the group.

Every UK village simultaneously loses their idiot

Rachel Riley

Rachel shared photos of the protestors holding signs, which included statements such as “Covid hoax” and “Distrust government”.

She wrote alongside the tweet: “National emergency declared as every UK village simultaneously loses their idiot. 

“This is why we fight online misinformation.

“The rot social media companies choose to profit from rather than tackle needs some serious questioning.”

Underneath her fans shared their opinions on the ongoing coronavirus debate.

One said: “It stresses me out that they just don’t use their brains.”

While another commented: “They are. UK daily deaths below 5 year average and have been for the most part since June. Covid deaths barely hitting double figures. Time to ditch the masks and restrictions and get back to normal.”

A third commented: “Why do you have to call them idiots? Why not make your point rationally?”

Yesterday more than 10,000 coronavirus protesters took to the streets of London to argue that the virus is a lie organised by Bill Gates.

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers Corbyn was filmed being taken away by mask-wearing police at the demonstration.

It is the third time that conspiracy theorist Piers has been arrested in just over three months.

Demonstrators called for an “end to Government lies” and the restoration of all freedoms as they marched past Downing Street towards the Houses of Parliament.

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Many onlookers took to social media to share photos of Piers’s arrest as he was escorted in the back of a police van from the scene.

Jeremy’s brother was arrested back on May 16 after he used a megaphone to say that “vaccination is not necessary”.

He also believes that “5G towers” are increasing health fears as “5G towers will be installed everywhere,” adding: “5G enhances anyone who’s got illness from Covid, so they work together.”

Although there is no scientific proof that 5G towers can cause any negative effects on health, some have tried to link them with the pandemic.

Rachel often shares her views of current social and political views on her social media.

The Cambridge graduate joined Countdown at the age of just 22 and has had an impressively busy career ever since.

In 2013 she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and began dating her partner on the show, Pasha Kovalevafter her marriage came to an end after the series.

Last year in June, the couple wed in a Las Vegas ceremony, before giving birth to their first child Maven in December.

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