New Video Shows Woman Who Jumped Off Cruise Ship Struggling with Security

There’s new video of the woman who jumped off a cruise ship into the ocean … and she’s clearly agitated a minute or so before she jumped.

You see the woman flanked by security guards who are trying to subdue her as she struggles to break loose. Security has her arms behind her back, but, contrary to the accounts of some passengers, she was not placed in handcuffs.

She’s screaming “Alicia” as security tries moving her off the deck. She somehow escaped the grip of security and, without warning, jumped from the 10th floor of the ocean liner. One passenger says the woman hit the side of the vessel before going face-first into the water.

The 32-year-old woman disappeared from view … 150 miles off the coast of Louisiana. The crew searched for several hours, to no avail.

She is heard screaming out the name “Alicia” as the guards help her up a flight of stairs and off of the pool deck after an alleged hot tub incident.

The woman, who was vacationing with her husband on the Carnival Valor’s 5-day cruise to Mexico, was detained by security after getting into a fight in a hot tub with a man.

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