Michelle Duggar Is Too Saintly For "Deviled Eggs" And Instead Calls Them "Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs"

What happens when religious fundamentalism meets the English language? Chaos, apparently. People is reporting that Michelle Duggar–AKA the vaginal equivalent to the Wardrobe in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe–was so offended by the unholy name of a popular food dish that she literally changed its whole ass name and calls it something else. While promoting Jesus’ Rise on Easter weekend, she let it be known that you heathens can fill your sinful mouths with deviled eggs, but she and her holy family are going to be busy munching on “yellow pocket angel eggs” you motherfucking demons!

Michelle Duggar apparently loves the dish where you cut a boiled egg in half, scoop out the yellow part, season it up, then plop it back in. But she doesn’t love what you sinners have named it. She posted to Instagram the free-of-charge exorcism she performed on the dish’s identification:



If only Michelle cared as much about her son’s child-touching ways than she does about the names of egg dishes.

The family’s other favorite is just pure unfiltered holy water, straight from a priest’s reusable douche bulb. Crisp! The internet had comments on the renaming:

“I love and appreciate the duggars…but cmon. Yellow pocket angel eggs? Smh.”

“What a stupid name for Deviled Eggs.”

But some were supportive (and equally religious):

“I love the name! Why give the devil any more popularity when his works already run rampant in our society. (Just sayin).”

The Devil’s work is certainly rampant in Michelle Duggar’s bangs, that’s for goddamn sure.

People were arguing back and forth because religion is a hot topic, but someone was ready to lay out the facts for us:

“You know ‘deviled’ is the technique and has nothing to do with ‘the Devil’, right? They’re homonym.”

They’re homo-WHAT? Not in the Duggar Family! Not in Jesus’ House!

The New Food Lover’s Companion and probably a plethora of other cookbooks will confirm the definition of deviled and it ain’t because Satan laid the eggs:

“To combine a food with various hot or spicy seasonings such as red pepper, mustard, or Tabasco sauce, thereby creating a ‘deviled’ dish.”

Michelle better grab the holy water because you can also “devil” cocktails and crab cakes.

It must be exhausting being a Duggar. Eggs can’t be called deviled. Everyone is named J after Jesus (that’s not really why). The hair–those bangs!–it’s just all over the place. I mean, Michelle is robbing the family of so many good foods because of her sensitivity. Jerk chicken? Rump roast? Pork hocks? They are missing out.

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