Matthew Perry attacked by 'anti-vaxxers' over Friends merch

Could the response to Matthew Perry’s merry Friends merch BE any more divided?

The star has revealed a bunch of twee items ahead of the anticipated Friends reunion this week, but while the majority of his fans are all for his promotion many have attacked the star over his decision to advertise the Covid-19 vaccination.

On one of his T-shirts the beloved star is riffing on his character Chandler Bing’s famous quotes as it read: ‘Could I BE anymore vaccinated?’

He wrote alongside the image on Instagram: ‘Get your shot and then get your shirt.’

Sadly a bunch of apparent anti-vaxxers jumped into the comments to slam his decision to promote the coronavirus jab – despite continued evidence and findings relayed by experts that the benefits of the jab far outweigh any risks.

On the NHS website, it also stresses that the vaccine is ‘safe and effective’ and that ‘it gives you the best protection against Covid-19’.

As many vowed to unfollow the star (we love how they have to announce such a thing), others dubbed him a ‘sheep’ for following such medical guidance that has been backed by experts and anyway, how do we get off this planet?

‘Nooooo! Not you too 🙄 Why this propaganda everywhere?’ one angry punter replied to Matt’s lighthearted image. ‘Let people decide what they want to have injected into their body, don’t pressure them! Christ!’

While others shared they were ‘disappointed, another chimed in: ‘Don’t be that guy who tells people what to inject into them. Please.’

Another thought they’d share a Friends quip as they wrote: ‘MY EYES! MY EYES! I was hoping you wouldn’t post something like this,’ while one accused Matt of being ‘brainwashed’ which is just, we mean, where do we even start?

Aside from those who attacked the actor, the star was supported by many who thanked him for using his platform to spread awareness and encourage us all to get the jab.

One mused: ‘I’m so glad you’re using this platform to help spread vaccination awareness. You are still you and not your character and we love you for who you are!’

‘Could i BE any more proud of you?’ another chimed in, backing the actor’s message.

The Friends special is set to air on HBO Max in the US on May 27 and the actor, 51, is selling some merchandise inspired by the comedy, recently sharing a picture of himself in a sweatshirt with ‘could I be more me?’ emblazoned across the front.

Referencing the take on the iconic saying, Matthew wrote: ‘Could I BE More ME? I’m releasing a new limited-edition merchandise collection only available for three weeks.

‘Get yours in the link in my bio so people will know just how “you” you are.’

The funnyman previously released a T-shirt with lookalike image of his character dancing on the front above the words: ‘Could this BE any more of a T-shirt.’

The shirt was on sale for two weeks and proceeds went towards the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 relief efforts.

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