Magical Bones is in the BGT final after act inspired by a former slave

Britain’s Got Talent: Magical Bones is through to the final after wowing with an act inspired by a former slave and making his girlfriend appear on stage

The latest act to earn a place in the Britain’s Got Talent Final has been revealed as magician Magical Bones.

Performing during Saturday’s episode, the star captivated the judges as he revealed the secret behind a trick and then made his long-distance girlfriend appear.

After his act, which was inspired by former slave Henry Box Brown, Magical Bones was told by David Walliams the set was one of the best routines he’d EVER seen.

Heading to the final! Magical Bones, 37, won a spot in the final after wowing the judges with his magic act which was inspired by a former slave on Saturday’s BGT semi-final

Judge Alesha Dixon was also impressed, telling Magical Bones in her feedback that his routine was unique.

She said: ‘The fact that you’re a black man up here doing what you’re doing, we’ve never had that before…The audience loved it, we loved it!’

The magician beat acrobatic dance crew X1X, who pre-recorded their routine earlier this week from India, and blind singer Sirine Jahangir to get to the final.

Magical Bones revisited his audition and the figure of Henry Box Brown for the semi-final, in an effort to make a big impact and show he had developed as a performer. 

Wow! During the show, Magical Bones also made his girlfriend Mel appear on the stage after he had explained they had spent lockdown apart with her living in Canada with their son

Very impressed: The judges loved the performance, with them all praising Magical Bones for being so unique

Henry Box Brown was a black man who was born into slavery in the United States but after hiding in a box he managed to escape and get to England.

Speaking ahead of the performance Magical Bones said: ‘I have a lot of common in Henry -he used magic to escape physically and me, I use it to escape reality.’    

The performer also revealed in the lead-up that he’s not seen his girlfriend Mel or their young son Ty since lockdown started as they’re in Canada.

Magical Bones said: ‘We talk everyday, but it’s no substitute. So tonight I’ll be channeling Henry Box Brown again and his message of hope. 

Smooth: He started the routine off by doing a short dance routine, saying his inspiration Henry Box Brown was a showman as well as a magician

How did he do it? Magical Bones then performed The Great Door Mystery trick which would have been similar to something his inspiration would do ‘back in the day’

For his next trick: The performer then revealed how the magic was formed by spinning the set round and showing how his assistant Katie moved carefully between frames 

‘Henry was a showman as well as a magician, he would start his performances with flare.’

Waisting no more time to get the action happening, Magical Bones burst into a smooth dance routine before saying he’d be showing the audience something Henry may have done ‘back in the day’.

He performed a trick called The Great Door Mystery which involved making a woman called Katie appear from inside what appears to be an empty door frame.   

But Magical Bones really put his own spin on things as he launched into the next part of his act.

Magical Bones said: ‘Now for the first time in a BGT semi-final, I’m going to show the secret of how the illusion was done. I’ll be going behind the scenes so everyone can see how illusion works.’

Inspiration: The star explained how he Henry Box Brown (pictured) was a black man who was born into slavery in the US but after hiding in a box managed to escape and get to England 

Family: During the night Magical Bones’ girlfriend and son were seen on a video projected to the screen

Apart: The young family had been apart for the past seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic

The magician then span the stage’s set around so Katie was behind the door and got the virtual audience to be projected on the back screen, making it the front.  

With the space reversed – and the judges who first saw the trick from the front now seeing how it worked as if from the back – Magical Bones began.  

They then watched as Katie expertly moved between a selection of doors so that she couldn’t be seen while Magical Bones worked the projected virtual audience.  

Magical Bones said: ‘And that’s how you make a girl appear from nowhere!’

However it was his next trick which really had everyone amazed. Magical Bones said: ‘For me real magic is about connecting with people, with family. So if i was a real magician i’d do this – “hey Mel lets try something really magical”‘

Emotions: The performer and judges got emotional when Mel and their son appeared on stage

Incredible: Alesha told Magical Bones: ‘The fact that you’re a black man up here doing what you’re doing, we’ve never had that before…The audience loved it, we loved it!’

All of a sudden the magician’s girlfriend, who had been seen in a video projected on stage, appeared on stage when the wooden doors fell down. 

Unsurprisingly, the judges were full of compliments for Magical Bones.

Alesha said: ‘The fact that you’re a black man up here doing what you’re doing, we’ve never had that before…The audience loved it, we loved it! 

While Amanda added: ‘You delivered with such confidence and ease, and I had no idea you were such a good dancer! 

‘I started the act worried for you and your gorgeous girlfriend and son not being with you but then I just died of joy when she appeared! You deserve every bit of success!’

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Ashley was also impressed saying: ‘That’s how you elevate from auditions! I feel like I see an act that is complete – innovation, presentation – you’ve set the bar!’

Before David added to the compliments by telling Magical Bones: ‘Well, you had me when your ankles were behind your head, that was extraordinary in its self! 

‘It just had everything! It was one of the best magic acts I’ve ever seen in my life, not just on BGT.’

And Magical Bones was also pleased with how brilliantly his act went, with him telling Ant and Dec he was ‘blown away, over the moon’ with the performance.

He added: ‘It means so much to represent as a black man, Henry Box Brown was the first black magician in the UK, it’s an honour to do this today.’

So sweet: Blind singer and piano player Sirine Jahangir, 15, also impressed the judges and had to wipe away tears as she finished up her song 

Hearwarming: Another stellar act was Sign With Us, a choir from Manchester. They’re now hoping the public vote will get them through to the final

Magical Bones made it to the judges final three on the night alongside X1X, and blind singer and piano player Sirine Jahangir.

Deciding who should get the final place, David, Alesha and Ashley all voted for Magical Bones.

David said: ‘We couldn’t have more different acts, but the one which will stay with me for a long long time and felt was most original was Magical Bones.’ 

Alesha agreed, saying: ‘I love all three of these acts, I’d personally love to see in the final. This is by far toughest decision. Ok, I’m going with my gut and that’s telling me the act I want to see in the final is Magical Bones.’

However head judge Amanda, who has been promoted to the position while Simon Cowell recovered from his back injury, said although she loved Magical Bones she would have gone for Sirine. 

As for the other contestants on Saturday night, drag queen Myra Dubois, classical group Ember Trio, choir Sign With Us, Dario the dinosaur and singer Bhim Nirolua will face the public vote.

So talented: Amanda was particularly impressed with classical group Ember Trio who used deconstructed instruments to perform a medley, which the head judged called ‘sexy’

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