Kylie Jenner Wished Travis Scott A Happy Birthday With A Billboard

“Self-made” billionaires can afford all sorts of stupid shit. So Kylie Jenner taking out a billboard to wish Travis Scott, her “husband” (her word) and father of her baby, a happy 28th birthday is nothing. This is like buying a stamp at the post office for her.

Travis Scott a happy 28th birthday is nothing. This is like buying a stamp at the post office for her. Page Six reports that the billboard features Kylie and baby Stormi (that name) and plays it cool by not including an asterisk indicating fine print that reads “This ‘Happy Birthday’ wish is contingent on you NOT having cheated on me. So, if you did, instead imagine this billboard says eff you and I hope it falls off”

The billboard’s plunked down in LA, and bears a simple birthday wish with some pics. Ugh, poor Stormi Webster. Imagine 14 years from now when her friends start clowning on her after they find the picture of her massive baby self on a billboard.

“Happy birthday Daddy,” the massive sign reads, and was signed, “Love, Mommy and Stormi XO.”

The billboard, which made the rounds on the Internet on Saturday, features a black and white image of baby Stormi and one of Jenner and Stormi.

These two are really pushing the new “no one cared about our cheating scandal so we’ve course-corrected and now we’re all about the love” angle. Travis was thrown a superhero themed birthday party complete with an early screening of Avengers: Endgame (DON’T SPOIL IT FOR ME, RICH PEOPLE) and the couple went in costume. This chick has bucks so Travis’ Iron Man suit probably works. Good, go repulsor blast Kris Jenner and end this family’s miserable reign.

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This unsubtle attention whore billboard mess is just plain mean of Kylie. Imagine you’re driving home from a shitty day of work in LA and you have to see that looming over you? Talk about compounded misery. I’d be taking a hard left on an overpass if I had to drive by that shit.

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