Keyboardist Says Faith No More Have No Plans To Record New Music

Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum recently revealed that the alt-rock group has no plans to record new music anytime soon.

In an interview with Kerrang!, Bottum shared that the band are now in a place where they are fondly “looking back at what we’ve done.”

It was only a few years ago, he shared, that he felt “dirty” touring without new music, “like we were taking advantage of the world by just going out there and playing old songs” but that the mindset of the group as a whole has completely turned around on that front.

“You know, there’s no plans right now to record any new music,” Bottum added. “There’s no plans at all.

The band, who released their most recent album, Sol Invictus, in 2015, is gearing up to perform a series of festivals across the U.K. and Europe in the summer.

“There were places that we didn’t go, things we didn’t do, and ways that we would have liked to perform but hadn’t,” Bottum said of the Sol Invictus tour.

He added, “The option to do it again was still there, but it kind of took us a while to get our head around how we wanted to do it, and what the impetus for going forward was.”

(Photo: Jimmy Hubbard)

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