Jimmy Kimmel Says He's Been Thinking 'A Lot' About Ending His Late-Night Show

Could we be coming up on the end of an era?

After 19 years on late-night TV, Jimmy Kimmel says he’s starting to consider the possibility that he should end his run with Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC and move on to bigger and better things! (And/or more family time, a better work-life balance, other career goals, etc., etc.!)

The 54-year-old comedian and late-night host spoke up about his thoughts on the future during Variety‘s Awards Circuit podcast this week. In his illuminating chat, the standup star revealed that he’s been considering not coming back to late-night television when his contract with the network runs out in 2023.

Explaining that he’s already been pondering his next steps — but that he hadn’t found a reasonable path forward yet, despite much thought up to this point — the TV talker said:

“I wish I knew I was going to do. I have moments where I go, ‘I cannot do this anymore.’ And I have moments where I go, ‘What am I gonna do with my life if I’m not doing this anymore?’ It’s a very complicated thing. And there are practical considerations, and there are family and friend considerations and coworker considerations.”

Proving to be a remarkable realist when it comes to his impressive late night career, which began way back in 2003, Kimmel continued:

“Eventually, I am going to have to stop doing this. I’m not going to do this forever. I would not be honest at all if I said that I have decided one way or the other. I’m thinking about it a lot, though.”


Per People, ABC “did not immediately respond” to the celeb’s podcast statements on his uncertain late night future.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kimmel has talked about the possible end of his eponymous talk show. The series creator, who also serves as the show’s executive producer, spoke to Variety back in 2017 about the potential ending of his time in the national TV spotlight.

He said this during that interview:

“I know I will do the show for another three years. It’s possible that will be it. My wife’s pregnant. At a certain point, I’d like to have a little more free time. I have very little free time as it is. I think this job is a grind, and best-case scenario, a marathon. I want to go out on my own terms. If I ever feel like we’re repeating ourselves, I think it’s a good indication that it’s time.”

So, three years gone from that 2017 interview would put Kimmel right around 2020, of course. And three years from his latest 2019 series renewal would move the timeline up to, well, right now. Clearly, these concerns have been brewing for a while. But could it all really come to an end next year?

Obviously, Kimmel isn’t the only late-night show host to (possibly) walk away right now. Back in April, James Corden announced that he was wrapping things up on his talk show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, next year as well.

Like we said, it’s the end of an era!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Should Kimmel quit, or not?

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

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