Jacob Sartorius Seemingly Shades Millie Bobby Brown’s Friendship With Drake in New Song

Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown broke up back in July, but it seems it wasn’t as platonic as you’d think.

In “We’re Not Friends”, a song on his new EP, it seems that Jacob is shading her platonic friendship with Drake.

“We wrote this song kind of as a ‘friend zone’ song,” he explained to Billboard. “It’s basically about being in that position where you want to be more than friends with somebody, and you’re just done hearing about the other guys she’s been with or trying to be with.”

The lyrics go: “We’re not friends, we’re not friends / Do you think I really wanna hear about him? / I do it for a reason, not just to be nice / Girl I wanna give you more than good advice.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the song?

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