Gregg Wallace showcases his toned physique

Masterchef host Gregg Wallace, 56, stuns fans as he showcases his toned shirtless physique after 4st weight loss

Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace took to Instagram on Monday to share images of his toned shirtless physique as he continues on his fitness Journey.

The celebrity judge, 56, looked amazing in the shot which he shared with his 142k followers – following his 4st weight loss.

Wearing just a pair of loose fitting shorts, the star posted two images that highlighted his muscular frame.

Fit: Gregg Wallace, 56, looked amazing in the shot which he shared to with his 142k followers

The star was shirtless as he roared at the camera while holding a red cloth and captioned the image ‘Whatever age you are, whatever size, I can help you lose weight and be the person you deserve to be – look after yourself @showmefit’.

Fans flocked to his page show their support with many asking for tips on how to get fit. 

Speaking to Hello! he admits that ‘the four-stone journey from A to B was not a straight line.

Inspiration: Fans flocked to his Instagram page to ask for tips and offer support on their own weight loss journey

‘It went around a couple of McDonald’s drive-ins, it stopped at a few kebab shops and it hit more pubs than it was supposed to have done, but it got there’. 

Following his dramatic weight loss, the star decided to use his own experience to help others and has started a website. 

 He said ‘You know how non-smokers can get really evangelical about smoking?’

Muscles: The celebrity judge proudly showed of his muscled physique

‘Well, I got really like that with health and fitness. I’m 56 years old and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been’.

‘What I’ve learned from the psychologist on my website, Dr. Kevin Dutton, is that being good most of the time is good enough.’ 

‘We’ve got to live right – there’s no way I’m going to the rugby and not having a pint of beer. 

‘It would be like washing my feet with my socks on. It just isn’t going to happen.’ 

The site offers recipes, exercises, nutritional and motivational advice for just £7 a month.  

The star revealed that in the last 3 years he has been exercising  ‘five days a week’. 

‘Monday to Friday is serious and Saturday and Sunday are just fun – i like to go for a swim but it’s still exercising.      

He continued. ‘When I’m filming MasterChef out of lockdown, I go to my PT it is near the studio.

‘Otherwise, he gives me a routine and changes it three or four times a year’. 

‘On the website, there are six 30-minute exercises and none of them require any equipment at all. 

Washboard abs: The celebrity chef boast a serious set of washboard abs 

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