Film lovers reveal the most ridiculous reasons for disliking a movie

There’s no pleasing some people! Film fans reveal their most RIDICULOUS (and hilarious) reasons for disliking a movie – from Daniel Craig being ‘too ugly’ to play James Bond to the lack of CARS in The Lord of the Rings

  • Film lovers shared comical reasons they’d heard about why people hated films
  • One person didn’t enjoy The Batman because it required ‘too much thinking’
  • Another was ‘irked’ by a lack of ‘big battle scene against the aliens’ in Arrival 

How a person reacts to movies can be shaped by a host of different reasons. But most of the time, filmgoers have somewhat valid reasons for not liking a particular film.

However, there are some movie lovers who have unlikely reasons for not enjoying a popular piece of cinema – and they aren’t afraid to share their thoughts with others no matter how outrageous they might be.

Redditor SkyOfFallingWater decided to ask other users on the Movies News and Discussion thread to share ‘The most ridiculous reason you’ve seen for disliking a movie’ and the responses have to be seen to be believed.

Explaining why they chose to kick off the conversation, SkyOfFallingWater wrote: ‘Of course enjoying or not enjoying a movie is very subjective and that’s all valid, but sometimes the given reason (or one of them) is just obviously ridiculous.’

Not having it: Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond from 2006 – 2021 was not appreciated by some film fans because he was ‘too ugly’ for the role

Reveal all: That was one of the revelations made when Reddit users were asked to share ‘the most ridiculous reason you’ve seen for disliking a movie’

They continued: ‘Example: Valhalla – The Legend of Thor (2019). Lots of people complain, that the characters (especially Loki for some reason) don’t all have blonde or light hair, although of course lots of Scandinavian people didn’t/don’t. 

‘And yes, Loki isn’t played by a Scandinavian actor (quite obviously), but I thought this was a great idea as Loki is known as a shapeshifter. So, anyways: What are some rather nonsensical reasons you’ve come across?’

It didn’t take long for hilarious responses to be shared as one user replied: ‘My mom didn’t like The Departed because she couldn’t tell Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio apart, and therefore found the plot confusing.’

The 2006 crime thriller was directed by Martin Scorsese and was loosely based on the real0life story of a corrupt FBI agent.

Another wrote: ‘My brother dismissed the Dark Knight trilogy because “his face looks squished inside the mask.” The worst part is he’s not wrong.’

Christian Bale starred in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and was celebrated for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne in the hit movies.

‘I had a coworker just yesterday say he absolutely hated Knives Out because Daniel Craig was not like James Bond in it,’ another user explained. ‘I guess this is how actors get typecast.’

Another comment focused on Daniel Craig read: ‘My dad who’s a self proclaimed 007 fan, couldn’t get into the Daniel Craig films because he was “too ugly”.’ 

Confusion: One user’s mother claimed that Matt Damon, left, and Leonardo DiCaprio, right, looked too similar in The Departed and that made the plot too confusing for her

One for the thinkers: Another person cousin didn’t enjoy The Batman simply because it required ‘too much thinking’

One Redditor simply stated: ‘My cousin hated The Batman because it had “too much thinking”.’ 

Robert Pattinson took on the role as Bruce Wayne for the 2022 movie which grossed over $771 million at the box office. 

‘My aunt hated WALL-E because “it was promoting obesity”,’ another commented. ‘Tried to explain how the opposite was true (a criticism of excessive consumption, and appealing to a sense of progress/working together for stewardship of the Earth), but apparently I was just not smart enough to get the true meaning of the movie.’

Soon the replies were flooding in as more Redditors shared the mind-blowing reasons why people they knew had not taken to widely celebrated movies.

Another wrote: ‘Someone once said that the Passion of Christ was unrealistic because back then there were no cameras following Jesus around……..’

While one commented: ‘Coworker told me Zodiac was boring because he already knew about the case.’

Battle of the minds: It appears some people were left ‘irked’ by a lack of ‘big battle scene against the aliens’ in Arrival

Bring on the cars: One person’s family member had no interest in watching The Lord of the Rings because ‘it had no cars’ in it

‘My sister refused to watch The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe because according to her, it promoted paganism/witchcraft and was anti-Christian,’ one user stated. ‘You know, The Chronicles of Narnia, one of the most blunt biblical allegories ever written. By CS Lewis, a devout Christian.’

Another added: ‘My dad didn’t like Martin Scorsese’s Silence because there were no Samurai in it. The fact it isn’t a Samurai movie – just a movie set in feudal Japan – doesn’t register to him.’

One user had readers asking for more information after they wrote: ‘My cousin didn’t want to watch Lord of the Rings because “it had no cars.”‘ 

They then added: ‘ Edit for more context: this guy’s life is centered around vehicles; always trading in for something new every year or so, is a very active member of my areas local car scene, works as a photographer for a big name luxury car brand. You get the idea. 

Mask misery: One Redditor’s brother couldn’t get over the fact Christian Bale’s face ‘looks squished inside the mask’ in the Dark Knight trilogy

Bring back 007: For some viewers, Daniel Craig was behaving enough like James Bond for them to enjoy his performance in Knives Out

‘Interestingly enough, a few years later, he joined some friends to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (without seeing any of the prior movies) and said he quite enjoyed it.’

Another added: ‘Robin hood prince of thieves. He wears his arrow quiver on his back. That’s a Native American way. Medieval European archers wore them on their hips like swords. Arrows don’t scream when you loose them. 

‘Kevin Costner didn’t even try to have an English accent. – Me, it’s my ridiculous reasons.’

‘The lord of the rings- magic isn’t real. This is so far fetched,’ one user simply stated. 

Another Redditor wrote: ‘The guy sitting behind me watching Arrival was really irked that there was no big battle scene against the aliens.’

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