Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Tiny Waist & Derriere In Denim Outfit On Instagram

Model Emily Ratajkowski is more often unclothed than clothed in her Instagram posts, but it looks like she’s deviating from the norm with a photo from her international travels. The model wore some tight denim jeans and a matching jacket, along with a black belt that accentuated her tiny waist. She stood with her back to the camera, as she captioned the image, “Moroccan moon rise.” And although the sky was mostly covered with clouds, there was a sliver of the sky visible in the horizon. Sure enough, you could see the moon poking through, making for a dramatic and scenic moment.

Emily hasn’t revealed why she’s in Morocco, but we do know that she caused a commotion with a scantily-clad picture last October there, according to Yahoo News. The model posted a photo of herself wearing no top and just lingerie bottoms, along with an unfastened robe. It caused some to wonder whether it was an appropriate place to be showing so much skin, since the dominant religion of the region, Islam, has strict rules about nudity. Regardless of any controversy, the picture did garner over 1.1 million likes. Perhaps this is why Ratajkowski’s first post from Morocco shows her fully clothed, but then again it’s not summer.

Ratajkowski is no stranger to pushing the boundaries when it comes to self-expression and sexuality. Her bold choices have led to her being known as a feminist, which she talked about with Maxim.

“I think that the whole idea that because the body I was given might play into some patriarchal idea, I should be ashamed of it or be covering it up is ridiculous. I find empowerment in celebrating and sharing my sexuality. I think my body is beautiful and a lot of different bodies are beautiful.”

The model also found herself having to defend her clothing choices when her outfit at a Brett Kavanaugh protest garnered national attention. Some people, rather than focusing on her activism, focused on Emily not wearing a bra that day. So it would appear that even in America, Ratajkowski’s free-spirited nature can be perceived as taboo. The model later blasted the haters, telling them that they can’t tell her how to dress.

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We’ll have to see what the rest of Morocco holds for Emily in terms of her Instagram, but one thing’s for sure. She looks just as fabulous wearing head-to-toe clothing as she does in her numerous bikini photos.

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