EastEnders star Milly Zero shares unlikely connection to Hollywood legend Jackie Chan

Eastenders star Milly Zero recently opened up about having an unexpected connection with Hollywood martial arts legend Jackie Chan.

Before scoring her big TV break as Dotty Cotton on the BBC soap, the 22-year-old managed to bag a role that saw her sharing screen time with the iconic actor.

The actress once worked on quite a different set from that of Walford with Jackie back in 2017 for film The Foreigner, which also starred Pierce Brosnan – another acting giant.

"I did a whole day on a film once with Jackie Chan – that was an experience,” she told TV Mag.

"He was showing me all his videos of his martial arts. We were in the same green room all day so got to hear loads of his stories, it was so surreal. And he has a personal masseuse. I mean literally, that’s the goal, isn’t it?"

Already having booked a rather impressive job early on in her career, Milly went on to secure a role in one of the nation’s biggest TV serial dramas where she gets to act alongside many other beloved iconic actors.

The soap star arrived on Eastenders playing Dotty – Dot Cotton’s granddaughter – in 2019 in replacement of actress Molly Conlin, who had previously featured in the role when she was a young girl.

As Dotty appears quite unlikeable on the soap, viewers have made the mistake in public of thinking that Milly’s real-life personality is identical to that of her fictional character’s.

“Dotty can be quite a nasty character and people get confused and think I am the same," she said.

"I was at a hospital appointment and the nurses recognised me. Then all of a sudden, the whole waiting room started recognising me.

"Everyone crowded round me and was like, you seem a lot nicer in real life, why are you not being horrible?

"The nurses were amazed that I was polite! It’s surreal how people get real life and EastEnders confused!"

On Eastenders, Dotty joined forces with scammer Rocky – played by Brian Conley – to cheat Sonia out of the money she was given control of by Dot.

Rocky later revealed that he was related to the late Nasty Nick and had been teaming up with Dotty in a shocking confession on the show.

Dotty meanwhile, was confronted with her alcoholic mum Sandy – who last appeared on the BBC soap back in 2010 – when she returned last month, forcing her to decided what to do about the situation.

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